chimney cap in a sentence

Example sentences for chimney cap

The device can be permanently mounted to the top of a chimney and functions as both a damper and a chimney cap.
The east elevation has a brick chimney centrally located, which has been rebuilt with a modified chimney cap above the eaves.
Once the squirrels leave the chimney, install a chimney cap.
After you are sure no animals are down the chimney, cap it with a commercially engineered chimney cap.
Replacement of a chimney chase cover is similar in nature to the replacement of a chimney cap and chimney flashings.
Once the raccoon leaves the chimney, install a chimney cap.
Fireplaces need to be protected with the proper screening of a chimney cap.
Be sure that all of the animals are removed before installing a chimney cap or sealing a hole in the attic.
Install a commercially designed and engineered chimney cap.
The corbelled chimney cap appears to bc original and unaltered.
Place and set chimney cap on top of chimney and set joints.
Once the raccoon vacates the chimney, install a chimney cap.
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