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Chimney swifts adapted to settlement by nesting in our smokestack.
Make sure your chimney is properly capped so that nothing decides to nest in there while you're away.
Explore the roof, with its whimsical chimney towers, and the apartment restored in the style of the period.
The metals also deposit around the vent, creating a kind of chimney.
Fastest way we've found to light gourmet charcoal without a chimney.
The flue from a boiler to the chimney should be the same size as the chimney flue itself.
Soon my chimney stove will have to be lit each morning for creature comforts.
The house's fireplace and chimney sat atop the old well.
IE solar panels and perhaps a wind turbine on a chimney that shouldn't be used for fire.
New furnaces that use outside air for combustion and dont need a chimney reduce air infiltration.
Birds warming up in a chimney vent after an ice storm.
There's a fire in the uptake, perhaps a chimney fire.
Also, a mason should be asked to check on whether an existing chimney has no cracks.
Maybe he had a tape recorder hidden in every chimney in the world.
Our city's zoning ordinances plus the kink in our chimney that made it impossible to install a liner made the choice for us.
He would suspend a pan of ice from the ceiling and make an opening through it so air could escape through the chimney.
When burned, the water escapes as steam up the chimney, carrying valuable heat with it.
The chimney of the cabin stove rises a few feet above the roof.
The next morning, the light smoke was seen stealing from the cottage chimney up the mountain side.
The damper near the chimney is known as the chimney-damper.
Lone stands the house, and the chimney-stone is cold.
He then glided gently towards the side of the chimney, where it is obvious there is no possible egress, and entirely disappeared.
Sir, he made a chimney in my father's house, and the bricks are alive at this day to testify it.
The pictures on the chimney-tiles of his nursery were pictures of these people.
He became a chimney sweep because he wanted to work for himself.
The dormitory chimney serves as a contrast point between the blue skies, white clouds, and dark grey clouds.
Guests enjoy the multiple fireplaces around the large center chimney and the rustic setting with its wide-planked pine walls.
The stockings have been hung by the chimney with care.
It may be taken for a lighthouse, or a fiery chimney.
The big story last summer was about the burglar who allegedly got stuck in someone's chimney and starved there.
Even the crematorium with its brick chimney does not stand out in his memory.
Since the light pours out of the top of the chimney, the shrimp normally live in its shadow.
The chimney had been made entirely by single-celled microbes.
When we're eating a banana, however, we're not aware of smelling its scent up the back chimney of our noses.
The theory is swell, even inviting to those of us not yet confined to our chimney corners.
Maybe there's a little wooden shack with a chimney emitting a plume of steam.
Learn what a chimney fire is and how to prevent it.
Chimney inspections and repairs can be performed by a licensed masonry contractor.

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