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Chills refers to feeling cold after an exposure to a cold environment.
Keeping going will get harder as the weather chills.
The notion that biological substances could arise from a purely natural process made scientists cheer and gave the clergy chills.
Yet the cognitive power on display here can trigger chills.
Digestion stops, skin chills, and blood is diverted into muscles in preparation for a burst of emergency action.
He chills cesium atoms in part because they are well suited to absorbing laser light.
The early symptoms are similar to the flu, including chills, fever and muscle aches.
The occurrence of these complications may be suggested by fevers, back pain, chills or symptoms lasting more than a few days.
Because of the movie's wonderful shamelessness, its mordantly funny chills and fights are huge turn-ons.
The pain can be severe and may be accompanied by headache, fever, chills and an upset stomach.
Report excessive pain, fever, or chills to your health care provider immediately.
The plant was boiled to make a tea for chills and fever.
It may also include wind chills if they are expected with the above listed events.
The skin becomes cool, the muscles contract causing shivering or chills, and the body produces more heat.

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