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Example sentences for chilling

Photographing while climbing in bone-chilling cold is a challenge.
It's been awesome, it maintains the warmth and resists the bone chilling winds.
The degree of panic, however momentary, however fleeting is chilling.
The nonchalance with which this information is delivered by the writer is actually more chilling than the information itself.
Both somewhat chilling statistics, although that was certainly not his intention in proudly sharing them with us.
In a chilling autobiography a former gang member portrays himself as the inevitable product of a hellish environment.
It's a chilling reminder that forgetting is the first step in enabling future genocides.
The law could also have a chilling effect on other online book sites.
On the far side of the barricade you find a chilling discovery.
The reader may find both situations somewhat chilling.
In some areas of the country, local actions have already shut down bulletin boards and had a chilling effect on free speech.
It is chilling that such huge deteriorations in public finances are still not enough to prevent deep and prolonged downturns.
In world trade, such parallels are especially chilling.
The effect on parts of the hedge-fund industry has been chilling.
Despite any chilling effect, the downloading revolution is unlikely to stall.
With the rare spine-chilling exception, actors playing ghosts nowadays play it for humor.
Blueberries are deciduous and cultivars vary in the amount of chilling required to break dormancy.
The demands may have been preposterous, but the photos attached to the e-mail were bone chilling.

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