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Their goal: to draft an agreement that will limit global warming, chiefly by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
The font will be chiefly used by teenagers who take on the honor of baptizing ancestors.
Most cases are diagnosed after birth now, but if the blood test is widely adopted it could become chiefly a prenatal event.
The latest scores are chiefly based on results from the last three model years.
But chiefly the sea-shore has been the point of departure to knowledge, as to commerce.
As long as viruses replicated chiefly through disk exchanges, it could take a year for one to spread around the world.
They arc chiefly concerned with the moral objection to punishment by killing.
But it has been more difficult to demonstrate other suspected connections, chiefly that of noise-related stress to heart disease.
The answer is no, but that is chiefly because deterrence theory wasn't satisfactorily tested.
As a result, the case made here rests chiefly on deduction.
Modern art criticism long ago discarded the tools of participatory imagination that, today, belong chiefly to movie critics.
McCarthy set himself apart from the pack chiefly by his boldness, his recklessness, and his flair for melodrama.
The language has long been in slow decline, chiefly because the children of migrants to the cities rarely speak it.
They used chiefly to pitch story ideas to media outlets and try to get their clients mentioned in newspapers.
In a few cases regulation, chiefly aimed at transparency, looks justified.
Until now the euro crisis has chiefly been about pressure from the markets.
The regime has been consistent chiefly in showing complete disregard for its people.
These wheezes were designed chiefly with politics in mind: all those nasty plutocrats deserved a hammering.
What is under challenge, chiefly, is his outrageous presumption in starting a much-needed debate.
Foreign carmakers are interested chiefly in the success of the company.
Instead, he is known chiefly for lighthearted music that is meant to divert, to entertain.
Of course, the party chiefly concerned is the last to hear the good news.
They are chiefly appended to the transverse and sigmoid parts of the colon.
The fibers are aggregated into bundles, which are arranged chiefly in a longitudinal direction.
The remainder of the lateral funiculus consists chiefly of the lateral proper fasciculus.
The fasciculus connected with the axis is the largest, and is chiefly muscular in structure.
It was a process that went on chiefly in a small world of prosperous and independent-spirited people.
The fearsome plant is chiefly recognizable by its impressive height and its clusters of white flowers.
The other master drawings came from many different sources, chiefly through generous donations.
Water movement is chiefly lateral through highly permeable zones of dissolution at or near the top of each formation.
These deposits consist chiefly of materials eroded from glacial drifts.

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He was of the faith chiefly in the sense that the church he currently did not attend was Catholic.... more
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