chickpea in a sentence

Example sentences for chickpea

One of them carefully unwrapped a paper packet and produced a stone the size of a chickpea.
Sometimes, even she is too busy to contemplate a chickpea.
The key is to persuade enough people to make a small change--say, from a hamburger to a chickpea fritter at lunch.
Expect the likes of smoked beef tongue with chickpea puree and pickled shallots, and garlic beef tartare under a crusty pastry.
The chickpea cooking liquid is the base of the soup.
Chickpea flour lends these vegetables a crisp, nutty flavor.
Chickpea and lentil will be harvested dried and weighed before removing and weighing chickpea or lentil seed.
Chickpea seeds are always treated before planting to control damping-off and root rot.
Chickpea was evaluated for five planting dates and five seeding rates to determine optimum seed yield and quality.
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