chicken coop in a sentence

Example sentences for chicken coop

And each additional bird requires only one square foot of extra space in a chicken coop.
It seems to me they put the fox to watch the chicken coop.
The truth is they're not picky eaters, with one case in which authorities found a chicken coop in a tiger shark's stomach.
Half the land is dedicated to master gardener and community plots, with an outdoor oven and chicken coop along the periphery.
White's chicken coop is now an artist's studio, and the woodshed is an open-air sitting room.
With three soldiers taking cover in the chicken coop, an enemy fighter threw another grenade at them.
Deputies said they found some of the ingredients for the lab hidden inside a chicken coop.
Marching bands arrive at the chicken coop, which has become a shrine.
In every home and barn and apartment house and chicken coop, and in their timbers and foundations and furnishings.
Many trees were uprooted or snapped, a chicken coop was damaged and there were multiple homes damaged.
He also provided a key to the fence gate surrounding the area of the property where the chicken coop was located.
Chicks raised in the brooder house eventually graduate to the chicken coop.
The original farm structures included a mule barn, tobacco barn, and chicken coop.
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