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Example sentences for chicken wire

It is said the owls would tear the chicken wire apart to get at the pigeons.
When you plant again, cover the bulbs with gravel or bury chicken wire right above the bulbs.
The models onscreen look as though they had been created out of chicken wire.
The workers started by filling metal frames-each measuring ten square feet-with bottles encased between sheets of chicken wire.
Wooden stakes mark several mounds, and many of the burrow openings are masked by chicken wire.
Contain piles with permeable material, such as chicken wire, instead of wood.
Off to one side, a couple of loops of chicken wire enclose more dust and garbage and a few plants-a zinnia, a lanky avocado.
The atoms form a hexagonal pattern similar to chicken wire.
The more valuable cars were kept behind chicken wire.
Joey dutifully sets about building eel traps out of chicken wire.
He had hammered in big stakes, but had to wait a year for the chicken wire, for some reason.
Chicken wire and coffee cans were standard equipment back.
Some have broken windows covered over with chicken wire.
Hood is made of chicken wire and coated with plaster.
Although chicken wire can also be used, it quickly loses its shape with use and requires support posts.
The board was placed on the ground and surrounded by chicken wire fencing.
The boats are made out of two-liter plastic bottles, chicken wire, and plywood.
Bird netting and chicken wire are available from nurseries, hardware stores, and farm supply centers.
Materials such as chicken wire, scrap wood, or cinder blocks can be used to build the bin.
The mine opening can be covered with one-inch chicken wire.
Corral-type fences and fences made of chicken wire shall not be used.
Usually skunks are not inclined to break through material such as chicken wire which is intact and in reasonably good condition.
Chicken wire or nylon netting may be used to cover a fenced enclosure.
Students used recycled cardboard boxes for the ship's wings and recycled chicken wire with foam insulation for the nose cone.
To prevent antler damage to trees, wrap chicken wire five feet up the trunk around each tree and stake securely.

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