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Example sentences for chic

And the place has become more chic and fashionable, so people are building bigger and more complicated houses.
Fashionistas are probably co-opting the pen for some other chic uses.
Within a few years, pixels will be relegated to the world of retro chic.
Emerging designers from all over the world displayed the latest mesh of chic designs and technological innovation.
She helped make pants and shoulder pads much more acceptable and chic.
Shoppers there are looking for clothes that are hip and chic and cool.
So go out on a limb and don one of these ultra-chic pairs to add a little crazy, red-carpet couture to your lashes.
It's hidden in chic boutiques tucked into various neighborhoods.
The island also has abundant shopping, with chic designer boutiques and small shops selling traditional pottery and crafts.
Get into formation this fall and try the latest trend: military chic.
Though the pool area has a chic feel, it's also family friendly.
Or, she reckons, swatches from a tattered leather jacket could double as chic epaulettes on a high-end used sweater.
Antonia's similar moment of truth is appropriately a bit more chic.
He has his road crew set up a tent with a tiny stage and shabby-chic furniture.
It offers something more ethereal: a feeling of healthy chic that pervades its stores and products and rubs off on customers.
So all you cheapskates, enjoy your chic moment in the sun.

Famous quotes containing the word chic

... today ... photographers prefer disfigurement to adornment. It is now chic to do your worst to people.... more
Any gentleman with the slightest chic will give a girl a fifty dollar bill for the powder room.... more
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