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Example sentences for chewy

They are chewy energy sticks in delicious peanut butter and chocolate flavors.
Then there's the ribs: chewy, savory, little pieces of heaven ripped from a pig.
Available in three delicious, chewy silicone flavors.
At that point, they seemed more chewy and rubbery than crunchy.
The seaweed's crunchy texture is a perfect contrast to the chewy octopus.
Grill or toast until crostini are lightly browned and crispy on the outside but still chewy on the inside.
They go nuts when they see us and they only eat chewy food.
Ironically, the peaches were meatier than the beef, with an intense flavor and a satisfying chewy texture.
They produce a few chewy bites of delicious optimism or delicious horror, and then they're gone.
Texture seems to matter: ask anyone who's entered the crunchy versus chewy fray.
But the best thing about the menu was the finale: crisp, chewy little cookies with a subtle almond scent.
The fresh asparagus and peas contrasted nicely with the chewy rice, in addition to providing color.
On the plus side, blewits are firm and chewy in a good way.
As promised, the beef was aromatic and flavorful, stir-fried to chewy perfection.
It should be chewy, and not dry and chalky at the center.
The cooled caramels will be soft and chewy at this temperature.
The sausage will still be unpleasantly chewy if you don't grind the meat and fat again with a finer die.
The wings are inedible cooked this way, but the legs were chewy but tasty.
The sweet alcoholic potion revived their spirits, and the chewy hardtack gave sustenance.
The tenderness of the pasta against the savory, sometimes chewy filling seems suave and satisfying.
Dinner that night was tasteless and chewy-some sort of gruel with what must have been venison mixed into it.
Usually when you find something solid and chewy in your drink, it's time to call for the waiter.
The layers of puff pastry are delicate, yet chewy, each one clearly articulated.
The ultra-thin crust manages to be chewy on the inside and crispy on the bottom, with slightly charred, crunchy edges.
In the end, the team decided on a chewy oatmeal cookie with ribbons of caramel-and-chocolate glaze.
Nobody is sure what fish is used, or what magic ingredient gives them that weird chewy texture.
These moist, chewy chocolate cookies have a pleasant ginger kick and are a real crowd pleaser.
These biscotti are crumbly delivery systems for chewy apricot bits, hunks of dark chocolate, and crunchy almonds.
Its mild, nutty taste and fluffy but chewy texture make it a good foil for spicy foods.
By any name, the grain has an appealing earthy, wholesome flavor and a texture that's at once chewy and creamy.
It gets soft enough to eat when soaked but stays chewy when cooked.
When mixed with eggs, they create a soft custard base with chewy lemon pieces and a pleasantly bitter edge.
Any mix of seafood works well in this chewy-tender stew, which pairs beautifully atop nutritious quinoa.
Any mix of seafood works well in this chewy-tender stew, served over quinoa.
Deep-fried cubes of tofu puff up and become chewy on the outside and creamy on the inside.
The skin holds much of the fat from the bird, meaning that it can be chewy or otherwise not so great.
Grab one straight from the oven-hot, puffed, and chewy-to eat on the street.
It was awesome-creamy, complex, and chewy with marshmallow bits.
They were airy and chewy, substantial but made dainty by that sugar.
It's light and fluffy with a slightly nutty flavor, and a delightfully chewy pop.
They were sweet, chewy and fine with a cup o' joe this afternoon, but not creamy.
It has its high-fiber bran coating plus a chewy texture and nutty flavor.
Its texture is firm and slightly chewy with a delicious meaty and earthy taste.
Fresh blueberries partially dried at a higher temperature had harder and more chewy textures than a lower drying temperature.
Or perhaps a friend shared a soft, chewy cookie filled with the sweet fruit.
They are characterized by a dense texture and a crust ranging from slightly chewy to thick and crisp.
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