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Police paperwork is an old chestnut which really needs a proper roasting.
In my region this includes western bluebirds, tree swallows, chestnut-backed chickadees and white-breasted nuthatches.
IT was the next week after the events narrated, and the chestnut trees were already in bloom.
At that time a splendid old chestnut tree was growing in one corner.
His coat was threadbare and with more holes in it than a chestnut roaster.
It's converted naturally in oak and chestnut barrels over the course of about a year, and then aged another four years.
Gives examples of other invasive species threatening chestnut, ash, and sugar maple trees.
By all means, let us ease the old chestnut into well-deserved retirement.
Tobacco was also growing, and a big military-chestnut tree stood farther away.
The overused chestnut that correlation imply causation is important to keep in mind here.
The old chestnut about correlation not equaling causation applies here.
Oh, for goodness' sake, not this old chestnut again.
Her shoulder-length chestnut hair and bangs have been salon-styled to perfection.
His tan is rich and close in color to his chestnut-brown hair, which is blown out to immobile perfection.
Besides the nondescript potato and chestnut soup, everything our chef cooked was stunning.
We make spinach soup, carrot and chestnut soup and chicken soup.
The other old chestnut that seems to go from press cutting to article is that attendance has not met projections.
Probability does pervade the universe-and in this sense, the old chestnut about baseball imitating life really has validity.
Water chestnut is an annual, rooted aquatic plant with a leafy rosette that floats on the surface.

Famous quotes containing the word chestnut

Rosalind. His very hair is of the dissembling color ... Celia. An excellent color. Your chestnut was ever t... more
The wall-door under the chestnut-tree that I nor anyone else ever saw open, opens and lets out a carpenter:... more
This is the weather the cuckoo likes, And so do I; When showers betumble the chestnut spikes, And nestlings... more
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