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Or there is payday lending, where the borrower gives the creditor permission to take money straight from his next pay cheque.
The effect is the same, only the comment on the cheque is different.
The top level will offer credit cards, cheque books and other services.
They may even write the odd cheque to support their wives' bearded friends.
More recently lower-rate loans secured on the borrower's pay cheque or pension have taken off.
Their advisers start worrying where their next pay cheque will come from.
Her supporters argued that each new pay cheque should count as a fresh act of discrimination.
He prefers to keep out of the spotlight, content to supplement his monthly income with the occasional royalty cheque.
There are business academics right now panting for your cheque.
He was told firmly that he could not, but he was welcome to send a cheque.
Many people, though, are swayed by the number they write on the cheque that they give to the dealer.
No private-equity firm wants to sign a blank cheque, and few would welcome regulators crawling over their books.
But that does not mean that they intended to give him a blank cheque.

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