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Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments advance constantly.
Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often experience hair loss.
Chemotherapy is standard treatment for metastasized cancer.
Doctors admit they have reached the limits of effective dosage with chemotherapy.
She underwent a round of chemotherapy that nauseated her and caused her hair to fall out, but the cancer had gone away.
Gene research combined with chemotherapy has been successful in patients with head and neck cancer.
The second and third said chemotherapy would buy more time, but surgery would not.
Pickets prevented chemotherapy chemicals leaving the docks for hospitals.
Chemotherapy is another option, but radiation isn't picky about what it kills.
These are mostly injected medicines, such as generic chemotherapy drugs.
He compares the side effects of stroke therapies to the hair loss that accompanies chemotherapy.
It can be used to treat chemotherapy patients and anemia in people with end-stage renal disease.
It is not as useful as therapy by itself, but can have survival benefits when combined with chemotherapy.
Nine days of chemotherapy followed by seven weeks of radiotherapy reduced me to skeleton.
He said the results could also help researchers learn more about chemotherapy resistance.
She needed chemotherapy and radiation, a huge operation, more chemotherapy and then a smaller operation.
Unfortunately, such chemotherapy kills a lot of healthy cells as well.
It can also be used to help patients with multiple sclerosis, amputees, and people undergoing chemotherapy.
The drugs are usually given to patients that have already been through surgery and/or chemotherapy.
It could also eliminate the need for chemotherapy in some cases.
It will be ugly short term but defaults now bringing a global debt reset is the chemotherapy.
At first, his cancer was put in remission with traditional chemotherapy.
It's not enough to prove that chemotherapy makes the patient sick to the stomach and makes his hair fall out.
Chemotherapy may be administered at a medical center or in a doctor's office.
Among cancer doctors, it is called the chemotherapy concession.
Not when he was so sick from chemotherapy that he couldn't stand up.
The couple grew closer after the bride underwent chemotherapy for leukemia.
Such so-called targeted drugs tend to have fewer side effects than conventional chemotherapy.
After two major operations and chemotherapy, his cancer turned aggressive.
There's chemotherapy and diagnostic imaging and hospice care and drug design.
She was undergoing chemotherapy, but it wasn't helping.
The discovery paved the way to improved bone marrow transplantation in cancer patients who had received radiation or chemotherapy.
For six weeks after the surgery, she received radiation treatments and she received chemotherapy for one year.
The three main treatment options are surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Some said they prescribed it in pill form as a palliative for patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
Earlier, a doctor had told her that her cancer might be shrinking, and that the chemotherapy might be working.
He then underwent adjuvant chemotherapy for over a year.
Lung-cancer patients without insurance are less likely to receive surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation treatment.
She was started on a yearlong course of chemotherapy.
When doctors administer chemotherapy to cancer patients, they of course tell their patients that chemo is a harsh treatment.
But after his cancer failed to respond to chemotherapy, his doctor simply abandoned him, refusing even to return his calls.
In cancer patients it could be implanted at the site of a tumor delivering high doses of chemotherapy.
And some expensive chemotherapy is palliative care aimed at shrinking tumors enough to relieve pain.
Chemotherapy is referred to as systemic therapy because the drugs travel throughout the bloodstream to the entire body.
Chemotherapy itself increases the risk of secondary cancers.
Chemotherapy tends to work better than radiotherapy for advanced stage cancers and tumors.
Some patients require a combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.
Most other aggressive lymphomas respond to aggressive chemotherapy.
The risk may be higher for patients treated with both chemotherapy and radiation.
Radiation is also being investigated in various combinations with chemotherapy, surgery, or both.
Not the six rounds of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer that had metastasized to her liver.
Chemotherapy can often cure many types of high-grade lymphoma.
So while ordinary cells become resistant to chemotherapy drugs following a fast, cancer cells do not.
Another was to draw up a grid on which he recorded every pill he took and every session of chemotherapy.
But four rounds of chemotherapy appear not to have eradicated the cancer.
But he admits that he will require chemotherapy, contrary to what some of those close to him had insisted previously.
It is when you have a parent stuck in a queue for chemotherapy, or denied a hip replacement, that the system starts to chafe.
If you have cancer, there is no such thing as chemotherapy in bags or herb-crusted chemotherapy.
They were the only company, in fact, that produced several rare last-resort chemotherapy drugs.
He has been responding well to treatment and his family hopes his last chemotherapy treatment will be completed next month.
It can ease the discomfort of chemotherapy, but it won't stop the growth of tumors.
Unable to wait another three weeks for the results, she treated him with standard chemotherapy.
Conventional chemotherapy can wreak havoc on healthy tissue, causing painful side effects, and it's not always effective.
Chemotherapy drugs wash in and out of tumors quickly and end up attacking healthy tissues.
The chemotherapy can impair their ability to focus and think clearly.
The mutations appear to affect cancer cell growth, as well as response to chemotherapy drugs.
And compared with traditional chemotherapy and radiation, angiogenesis inhibitors have few side effects.
They then underwent a form of chemotherapy to get rid of islet-killing immune cells.
Cancer patients could take one pill for both chemotherapy and the ensuing nausea.
Chemotherapy destroys cancer cells, but it also kills healthy cells.
Treatments include bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy.
Alone or combined with older chemotherapy treatments, these antibodies can seal up fistulas and achieve impressive remissions.
Both were treated with conventional chemotherapy drugs.
The lone exception: ginger capsules may help chemotherapy nausea.
After chemotherapy, these patients had severely weakened immune systems, with few actively circulating lymphocytes.
Imagine you are diagnosed with cancer and after discussing your options your oncologist schedules chemotherapy.
For seven weeks, her body was bombarded with radiation twice a day and poisoned with toxic chemotherapy drugs once a week.
She later developed heart disease and has endured chemotherapy and nearly a dozen operations.
But through a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and drugs, he managed to beat the disease.
We also get a lot of messages from people who have, say, been having chemotherapy.
The discovery eventually makes chemotherapy possible.
More cells in the blood could be a sign that the drugs are not working and that it's time for a different chemotherapy regimen.
Chemotherapy, surgery and some medications can rob you of mental acuity, but yoga helps compensate for the loss.
Chemotherapy could soon become a little less grueling.
Practical guide to help you understand what chemotherapy is and how it can help you.
Practical tips and advice to help you prevent nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy.
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