chemo in a sentence

Example sentences for chemo

Indeed, he faces the possibility of not being at all if the chemo proves useless.
And of all patients, for the cancer patient to have to worry about whether the chemo drug they are receiving is counterfeit.
The seventh week of radiation after three chemo sessions, for starters.
The chemo-radiation used to treat skin cancers is the wrong therapy for lymphomas.
The second protein, in turn, toggles the chemo drug to its active state.
People have already been trying to target chemo drugs for many years with limited success.
It's one thing for the chemo to be treated for all users, or liver disease.
Chemo also affects healthy cells causing nutrition to now be a predator, creating a new disease.
My older brother is dying of chemo and radiation poisoning.
The chemo up until that point had the predicted side effects.
The chemo-infused blood is sent directly to the melanoma site, minimizing the likelihood of drug toxicity.
More than half developed serious complications, twice the rate of patients given chemo alone, the study says.
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