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On the other hand, it may be that a small window has been opened that looks on to an entirely new field: superatom chemistry.
Unscientific folk may be excused for concluding that among the natural sciences chemistry is the poor cousin.
In his view, when you dug deeply enough into the battery's physical chemistry, that chemistry did not explain how it worked.
It hardly comes as a surprise that she decided to switch from chemistry to the study of animal communication.
By contrast with the physics prize, the award for chemistry is positively precipitate.
Money never bothered him, for he had no ambitions outside chemistry.
About half of a typical lithium-ion battery is made of stuff that plays no direct part in the battery's chemistry.
Still others have a hybrid approach, part biotechnological and part traditional chemistry.
As school chemistry lessons show, metallic magnesium is highly reactive and stores a lot of energy.
The team found that the ancient organisms had a similar dietary chemistry to fungi known to feast on dead wood.
The scientists didn't rule out the possibility that life could occur in some truly alien chemistry.
Determining the chemistry of that water could reveal exactly where it came from.
Each ring contains a fingerprint of the water chemistry wherever the fish swam on a given day.
But in a second, related study, scientists say the sink effect is now changing ocean chemistry.
The chemistry of the resulting rainfall depends on the composition of the particles that made the cloud.
Modern chemistry keeps insects from ravaging crops, lifts stains from carpets, and saves lives.
Scientists believe that mirror-image chemistry may also shed light on the nature and origin of life itself.
Plants mastered chemistry a long time before humans, billions of years actually.
The team set out to duplicate the chemistry within interstellar clouds in the laboratory.
The candidate must have a broad skill set that includes molecular biology, protein biochemistry, peptide chemistry and biophysics.
Green chemistry focuses on eliminating the use of toxic chemicals in chemistry without stifling scientific progress.
My childhood chemistry fun initially involved vinegar and baking soda, coke bottles and balloons.
Each department had a different five-year history, with chemistry at one end and business courses at the other.
He co-chairs the biology department and the chemistry-and-physics department, both of which are growing.
The science of agriculture and agricultural chemistry, for instance, made quite parallel advances during the nineteenth century.
Almost all the processes employed in the arts and manufactures fall within the range either of physics or of chemistry.
He specializes in chemistry rather than electronics.
It will enable scientists to better understand the chemistry of space.
Volunteers and staff facilitate interactive experiments in chemistry, physics and genetics.
But currently the available information about this product's chemistry comes from its manufacturer.
In chemistry he must perform sixty experiments, covering the elements of the science.
It might have three first-trombone players for the band-and no chemistry students.
The resonance comes from their personal chemistry as performers.
The experiments were a little bit of chemistry, and a lot of history.
Their chemistry, always humorous and magnetic, becomes tempered with real emotion and what may approach understanding.
It only cares whether our views on organic chemistry or foreign policy are relevant.
Relying on chemistry instead of torque and heat, the relaxer seemed more worldly, more civilized and refined.
Colorful characters and stunning descriptions propel your book, but chemistry and oceanography ground it.
He points out that forensic geology is broader than the name implies, because it includes chemistry and physics as well.
The chemistry of smog is difficult for non-chemists to understand.
Even the chemistry lab was dustless and odorless, its flasks bright as stemware and its bottles hygienic as a drug cabinet.
The actors are proficient, but there's no chemistry between the antagonists, and the stage-managed situation fails to sizzle.
She explained how modern chemistry can produce almost any kind of scent synthetically, even popcorn and pickles.
Behind the perfumer's palette is the history of synthetic organic chemistry.
The world of fuel chemistry and production is undergoing exciting change.
Therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder, it seems, can change not only behavior but the chemistry of the brain itself.
In fact, all of chemistry is a bit of an inside job.
Early humans were able to plan and knew more about chemistry than we'd thought.
They promise to revolutionize ideas on the origin and chemistry of life.
Watching sea urchins defy our knowledge of chemistry and physics.
But the real culprit, it appears, was deadly chemistry.
He wondered aloud if the chemistry could be tweaked to produce automobile fuel, but nobody gave the idea a high priority.
His answer may inspire new pharmaceuticals that harness the brain's own regulatory chemistry to treat mental disorders.
Paintings are a mix not only of color but of chemistry-and chemistry changes.
While the chemistry is actually quite simple, the economic and environmental implications are enormous.
There is no question in my mind but that a certain chemistry does exist between us.
One did it in the midst of a completely impenetrable lecture on the chemistry of chemotherapy.
So these guys are trying to get that kind of chemistry together and this year has been better.
Chemistry, his next major, proved no better suited to his temperament.
When talking about leavening agents, it's all chemistry.
The major theme in the theoretical chemistry effort during this period is change.
Such a system might use a different chemistry, but whatever its chemistry it would have to be able to cause what the brain causes.
The sciences that provide the model are physics and chemistry.
Green technology is based on biology, gray technology on physics and chemistry.
There has been a breakdown of the kind of chemistry you need to get this kind of thing done.
My bad grades were chemistry and coordinate geometry in my freshman and sophomore years.
It was your basic lab experiment, akin to those bubbling in high school chemistry labs every week.
They may be less the result of experiences and more a matter of brain chemistry.

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