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Michelle began her career as a chemist and an engineer with large national companies.
Only when a new sample comes from the chemist, there's a bit of a break.
We were cross-examined as a chemist cross-examines a new substance.
It was believed that a chemist could reconstruct a plant from its ashes.
Every once in a while, a chemist drops in to take a look or heads for the world of industrial-scale food.
Chemist gets life for killing husband in acid vat.
The two have to be certified as a team, and a chemist must also certify the dog's nose.
Salt water can indeed burn when exposed to a certain kind of radio wave, a university chemist has confirmed.
Next to that, a chemist's laboratory, followed by a storeroom and a secondary machine room.
Every drink takes the care and precision of a surgeon, the measurement of a chemist and the speed of a short-order chef.
Salt water can catch a flame when exposed to certain radio waves, a chemist has confirmed.
But the chemist did much more than better his burner.
The sun, having risen on an empty stomach, hovels in a chemist's window on jars of soda.
It's authentic from the source, and then tested and approved by our bonded graduate chemist for your double guarantee.
Short story about two employees at a roadside nightclub who join an impromptu search for a retired chemist.
The factory turned out to be one lady-albeit a chemist-mixing oils in her kitchen.
If you are a research chemist and you plow it all into biotech stocks because you know so much about the industry.
For my mom, a chemist-turned-business-executive, the calculations come naturally.
Pressed for time, a chemist goes for a name he knows.
The room has an expectant air, as if the chemist might hurry back any minute.
The department chemist is responsible for examining and/or testing regulated materials and interior finishes for flammability.

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