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Example sentences for chemical change

Glycerin-absolutely a sugar, or a substance similar to sugar-comes out of the tallow in this chemical change.
As the wrigglers develop, the gelatinous outer membrane decomposes, perhaps triggered by a chemical change in the tadpoles.
The kiln is a crucible where chemical change takes place.
My resources say that the iodine with baking powder was a physical change, and the iodine with cornstarch was a chemical change.
One substance that remains as a result of the chemical change is ash.
The elements making up a compound cannot be recovered without a chemical change.
It may be some sort of energy of motion, kinetic energy, or it may apply to some other form of energy or chemical change.
Tending toward decomposition or other unwanted chemical change during normal handling or storage.
Hydrothermal metamorphism is a chemical change that occurs when hot fluids circulate through out the rock.
The third category of chemical products is devices that effect chemical change.
Absence of conservation of particles during a chemical change.
Can undergo violent chemical change at elevated temperatures and pressure.
Since acid-rich water dissolves limestone, a chemical change in the groundwater had to occur for the cave to form.
Secondary pollutants undergo a chemical change once they reach the atmosphere.
Other particles may be formed in the air from the chemical change of gases.
Describe the physical properties and chemical properties of the products and reactants in a chemical change.
Materials which in themselves are normally unstable and readily undergo violent chemical change but do not detonate.
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