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The compound is essential for photosynthesis, a chemical reaction that converts sunlight into carbohydrates.
The fluid travels through the channels and a chemical reaction occurs that causes the spot to change color.
But the whole process of ion movement and chemical reaction is slower than the movement of electrons in a capacitor.
When a battery is connected to a load, a chemical reaction begins.
Fireflies produce a chemical reaction inside their bodies that allows them to light up.
Air bags are not inflated from some compressed gas source but rather from the products of a chemical reaction.
Put together then, chemiluminescence means giving off light via a chemical reaction.
Fuel cells generate electricity in a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, which yields only pure water vapor.
They also glow, producing light by a chemical reaction.
Weighing six pounds, it provides an hour's worth of oxygen through a chemical reaction.
It may be an enzyme which in involved in a chemical reaction, or it may be a hormone.
It is not a chemical reaction, and there is nothing automatic about it.
Commercially available implantable sensors measure the voltage caused by a chemical reaction that consumes glucose.
For example, deep pockets may indicate the function of an enzyme, a catalyst that regulates a chemical reaction.
The chemical reaction that occurs in lithium-ion batteries is complicated.
Light is a chemical reaction which would occur at a slightly slower speed but nevertheless, almost instantaneous.
In any chemical reaction, there are always some reactants left, in a state called equilibrium.
Known as opsins, they respond to light by triggering a chemical reaction that sends a signal from the eye to the brain.
In the strictest and simplest sense a chemical reaction is the exchange of atoms between molecules.
Batteries are charged when they undergo an internal chemical reaction.
They discharge, delivering the absorbed energy, when they reverse the chemical reaction.
Chemiluminescence is based upon the emission spectrum of an excited species that is formed in the course of a chemical reaction.
In a chemical reaction, molecules are broken up and their atoms are rearranged to form different kinds of molecules.

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