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But they had not yet succeeded in deducing the chemical properties of any molecules except the simplest hydrogen molecule.
Chemical companies that make products as varied as fertilizer and industrial solvents are overseen by other agencies.
Department secretaries transcribed them while he pored over chemical journals and planned his next article.
Most countries have now agreed to give up using or storing chemical weapons.
Weathering is the mechanical and chemical hammer that breaks down and sculpts the rocks.
In this age of looming bioterrorism, keeping chemical warfare vapors off of soldiers is a primary military concern.
The method may be harsh, but the yield is precious-the chemical biography of a cave bear.
For chemical control, use a selective postemergence herbicide labeled for dandelions in turf.
The scientists found that smaller golden orb spiders didn't produce the chemical because their webs were too thin to support ants.
Your task in the quiz is to match the chemical element to the product in which it is found.
The area of specialization is open and includes chemical education.
Bigger does not always mean better in chemical plant.
Chemical reactors are shrinking to notebook and even credit card size.
The chemical combo was nearly as effective in deterring mosquitoes as pools containing adult backswimmers.
The key is shifting the chemical world into the digital world.
In a tail wagging the dog reversal, researchers have found that simple chemical reactions can mix a solution.
Chemical reactions happen in mind-bogglingly short spans of time.
Buying chemical weapons material through the mail is quick and easy.
Chemical fuel is out of the question-you could never store enough of it.
For chemical control, use a selective postemergence herbicide.
The term covers a runaway nuclear chain reaction, not radioactive materials being involved in a chemical explosion.
Chemical in urine alerts prey species to a nearby predator.
For chemical control, use a preemergence herbicide to prevent seedlings from becoming established in lawns and around ornamentals.
When this chemical reacts with amino acid compounds it detects fingerprints on paper.
If there was some other chemical drug it could probably be handled in the same fashion.
Plastic, he said, should be considered a new source of chemical pollution in the ocean.
But the ornamental value of chemical pigments, too, has stirred considerable interest.
Some have chipped varnish off the violins, hoping to discover a special chemical compound.
Or your plumber, pastor, and that quiet chemical engineer down the street.
The chemical company cuts loose employees for having illicit content in their e-mail.
If the number of cells in a culture changes after a sample is added, that suggests the chemical in question is bad for the liver.
Metabolites are the result of the body breaking down a chemical.
Chemical controls effective against adults include acephate and carbaryl.
Ants solve their own version using chemical signals called pheromones.
These pioneers were attracted by unique ocean organisms with special chemical properties not seen on land.
Chemical herbicides can help you reestablish control over a lawn where weeds have gained the upper hand.
They have poor eyesight, and stalk prey using chemical receptors in their tongues and heat-sensors along the jaws.
Pig feed is high in a chemical called phytate, which swine excrete as phosphorus.
The other looks at how a brain chemical called serotonin regulates the patience of rats.
In fact there may be nothing unusual about his chemical profile.
He soon replaced that with a complicated chemical ampere-hour meter.
Using the results, researchers identify and quantify the chemical building blocks of the morsel's flavor.
For many reasons chemical experiments aren't as popular as they once were.
Communities near chemical plants have been doing this effectively for years.
For chemical control, you can use chlorothalonil in spring.
Chemical controls include earwig bait, which usually contains carbaryl or propoxur.
For chemical control, place baited ant traps sold for indoor use in the garden.
Chemical controls may help if you spray when adult beetles are laying eggs in summer.
Carbaryl is an effective chemical control against adults.
For chemical control, you can use a pre-emergence herbicide containing trifluralin around ornamentals.
We have always tried our best to line our wooden veggie bed walls with some sort of barrier in case of chemical leeching.
Common garden pesticides that are highly toxic to bees include both organic and conventional chemical controls.
If you are new to hot tub maintenance, order a start-up chemical package that will have everything you need.
His book contains a lot of fascinating detail about the different physical, chemical and evolutionary processes at work.
Molecules are constantly changing and rearranging their atoms in chemical reactions to form new molecules and compounds.
The trick to the wasp's subterfuge is the chemical weapons it brings to bear.
They have conducted the largest clinical trial ever designed to compare talk therapy with chemical antidepressants.
Disinfectants made from everyday kitchen ingredients provide nontoxic and inexpensive alternatives to harsh chemical products.
The chemical building blocks that make plastics so versatile are the same components that might harm people and the environment.
Bacteria grow by using the chemical energy of reduced sulfur compounds, plentiful in the warm vent water.
Chemical lasers have not done too well int he last few decades.
The compounds evaporate into the air through a series of chemical processes that result in especially reflective clouds.
One way to lighten the payload is with a chemical laser that uses gas instead of liquid to store energy.
It's possible to remove tough, greasy stains with gentle products that do not contain harmful chemical detergents.
There is little substantive difference in the chemical compositions of natural and artificial flavorings.
He wants people to adopt a frog and forget the widely used chemical controls.
However, this laboratory chemical is more or less a copy of a chemical that comes from the bark of a willow tree.
Organic produce, grown on farms that steer clear of typical pesticides and chemical fertilizers, is becoming increasingly popular.
Few scientific challenges are more complex than understanding the health risks of a chemical or drug.
Fuel cells create electricity from chemical reactions.
Chemical herbicides keep nature at bay for only so long: weeds inevitably develop resistance to the chemicals.
Organic cotton is chemical and pesticide free, is less damaging agriculturally, and produces a strong and durable fiber.
If the olive oil is labeled organic, the trees are chemical-free.
Definition: n-Hexane is a chemical made from crude oil.
The ash's unique mix of minerals appears to have helped the concrete withstand chemical decay and damage.
First, a gene is relatively large, typically consisting of tens of thousands of chemical bases in a row.
The retired chemical engineer plays tennis regularly to stay fit.
The acrylic polymers that make up the rink are specially designed to release the chemical lubricant in the presence of friction.
Air bags are not inflated from some compressed gas source but rather from the products of a chemical reaction.
After years of wrangling over the chemical's toxicity, researchers are charting a new way forwards.
Little information is available on the chemical composition of ski waxes, because companies closely guard their formulas.
But the caricature of dopamine as simply the chemical of hedonism is woefully incomplete.
The chemical often referred to as the bonding hormone has already been shown to affect the social skills of people with autism.
Some of these factors are directly linked to specific brain chemical deficiencies that occur with aging or illness.
He proposes erecting vented building-size structures that contain grids coated with a chemical solution.
He kept his camera equipment warm and functional with chemical hand warmers whenever possible.
If that same container held chemical or biological agents, or a nuclear weapon, the social costs would be incalculable.
The hops in your favorite organic beer can be sprayed with all manner of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.
To do it, they relied on heaps of chemical fertilizer.
Despite his full cooperation, he was sprayed in the face with chemical irritant, and put into restraints.
The principal tools ants use, however, in guiding their movements and actions are potent chemical signals known as pheromones.
First, nuclear weapons are far more formidable than biological and chemical ones, and far more detectable.
Dogs can identify chemical traces in the range of parts per trillion.
Scientists also have chemical evidence of ice ages from sediments and sedimentary rocks.
In the absence of a plausible chemical reaction, scientists say life could not have evolved via chemical means.
The compound is essential for photosynthesis, a chemical reaction that converts sunlight into carbohydrates.
Treat tarnished silver with chemical-free home remedies.
Chemical electrodes of this sort can store a lot more energy than the static electricity of a capacitor.
Research is also going on into whether high doses of the chemical prevent cardiovascular disease, strokes and cognitive decline.
But the human nose cannot detect all the chemical changes brought about by disease.
Army officials believe that pathogens, or other environmental factors, are more likely causes than biological or chemical weapons.
Even more than chemical agents, their success depends on the conditions.
There was nowhere near enough evidence, the report concluded, to link either chemical categorically to increased risk of cancer.
The chemical can make meat leaner, but can also be the cause of heart palpitations, diarrhoea and muscle tremors.
The chemical was an experimental derivative of a well-established anti-cancer drug called doxorubicin.
If you've ever used a chemical hand warmer, you'll be familiar with sodium acetate.
The chemical reaction that occurs in lithium-ion batteries is complicated.
Mitochondria are tiny energy factories within each cell that convert chemical fuel into energy.
Chemical results of a tumor's metabolism are dissolved in the blood, and can end up in the breath.
If the chemical is not pure enough, a company must buy expensive purification equipment, which throws off its cost estimates.
These can be converted into fuel and other chemicals using well-known chemical processes.
Instead, it relies on the chemical interaction of the surface with the chemical hydroxy groups in the synthetic mussel protein.
By means of a study of the typography and the chemical composition of the paper, they ascertained it to be a fraud.
Nobody involved seems to have any chemical dependencies or self-destructive tendencies.
He discovered the chemical composition of the human body, and was a pioneer in the development of nuclear medicine.
Tina is crystal methamphetamine, a chemical stimulant that affects the central nervous system.
We don't have chemical smells that tell us what's happening.
There are more than four ways a chemical can react with a receptor.
Chemical affinity depends entirely upon the energy with which particles of different kinds attract each other.
Another unity marked with yet more precision is seen in the chemical elements of which stars are composed.
To this end, it must divorce itself from every anatomical, chemical or physiological supposition which is alien to it.
Our children will sleep free from the threat of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.
The chemical and optical characters of the two portions are identical with those of the rods.
Then it plunks the plates into a device that adds cells modified to glow if a chemical interacts with them.
Ancient pottery shows traces of a chemical found in cacao.
During photosynthesis, plants convert solar energy into chemical form.
Glia also listen carefully to their neighbors, and they speak in a chemical language of their own.
They can be affected by temperature, chemical composition, and other factors.
Interstellar clouds of gas are impregnated with organic molecules, the chemical ingredients of life.
It's no surprise that a chemical as potent as methylmercury harms wildlife when it enters an ecosystem in high concentration.
The leader of the team would douse the prisoner in chemical spray.
If it's cobalt pink rather than pale rose in color, it has been treated with a chemical bath of dye and extra sweetening agents.
The government had turned over the family farm to a chemical factory, giving her husband a job in it.
To steal from the old chemical-industry slogan, without electroplating, modern life would be impossible.
Before long, the copies began to evolve, developing the ability to perform new and unexpected chemical tricks.
The study involved the first-ever use on an infectious disease of a new research technique called chemical genetics.
Many energy sources commonly used by humans are forms of chemical energy.

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