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Every cook, be it an elite chef or an aspiring foodie, has a favorite pot.
One of my brothers is a chef and he loves to cook in it when he visits my kitchen.
If you know someone who likes to cook, you can't go wrong with a great chef's knife.
Regulars, it is said, can tell the chef by how the rice is shaped.
The former pastry chef studying for a fresh start as a clinical therapist.
The chef shows us the delicately-scented sesame oil in which he fries the battered seafood and vegetables.
Watching such a celebrated chef making something he loves for the people he loves was beyond exciting for me.
Because cooking is primarily a craft, dominated by artisans-or artists, if that's how you view what a chef does.
Almost every night her bespectacled old chef served him copious helpings of boiled lobster.
He said the chef had yet to arrive and the restaurant wouldn't open for a few hours.
All the requisite bistro fare is here, plus a thick-accented chef who shakes every hand.
Slow-cookers are the perfect throwback gadgets for the busy modern chef.
Any chef worth his weight in sodium alginate needs the proper instruments to create tasty, molecularly balanced meals.
When the host asked the empty-handed guest if he wanted another helping, the guest declined but paid compliments to the chef.
Too many cooks in the kitchen and the head chef is a novice.
When the yacht is on the water, the chef can take advantage of on-board fishing equipment to grill up a freshly-caught meal.
It is also important to find a chef who is happy for food and wine to be promoted as equals.
IN professional kitchens there is a longstanding rule: there can be only one head chef.
The owner and chef is a slow food fan and specializes in gourmet presentation.
In some cultures, burping after dinner is considered a sign of respect to the host and chef.
As he pretends to prepare food, his movements are transmitted to a robot chef in a real kitchen elsewhere in the building.
One can be trained to be a chef or educated in the culinary arts.
It's absolutely true and for all they know you could have been a stand-up comic, a chef, or a nanny.
The chef prepares four-star-quality meals with fresh ingredients purchased en route.
Of course, even the best chef can only handle so much heat in the kitchen.
Guests have the opportunity to gut their own catch from the whirlpool or have the chef prepare it.
And, if a company has a canteen, it should make sure it hires a good chef.
Tuna tartare is one of those dishes that acts as a canvas for a chef's culinary sensibilities.
It has everything from a celebrity chef's restaurant to a food court--of course.
If your liquor has been infused, cut the bar chef some slack.
Before the age of celebrity chefs, there were chef-celebrities.
Move up the career ladder and learn to be a head chef.
To be a chef, you should first study at a culinary program, or apprentice under a veteran chef.

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