cheesy in a sentence

Example sentences for cheesy

Perhaps charts and gold stars are too cheesy for you.
Locals know to skip the cheesy resorts and check out the beaches down the coast instead.
Summer squash doesn't have to wind up in a cheesy gratin.
You'd neither bother to have posted if you didn't care nor resorted to a cheesy fallacy if you had a legitimate argument.
Many lyrics from musicals are equally cheesy and campy.
From the narcotized narrator to the cheesy sound effects, this was the work of amateurs.
They are about cheesy babes, beer, bathroom humor and scoring tips.
These ghastly little nibbles are rich with cheesy flavor, and a real snap to make.
Use mozzarella for a melting texture and good cheesy flavor without a lot of fat.
It's not yellow, but it has that creamy, cheesy taste.
The gnocchi were big and doughy, a texture only exacerbated by a cheesy center.
What is it with tech marketing with cheesy electronic music and over produced video.
At that, with manic inspiration, the ageless matriarch pounced on the hat and plopped it on her cheesy gray wig.
Infected songbirds often have yellow, cheesy nodules visible on the surface of the esophagus.
Cheesy rice and broccoli makes a great dinner or side dish.
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