cheerleading in a sentence

Example sentences for cheerleading

And yes, he does look silly in that cheerleading outfit.
Somewhat surprisingly, summer-camp cheerleading instructors are examined.
Cultural shifts, or a press given less to financial cheerleading could make a meaningful difference.
Sometimes at the end of a meeting, you're given a chance to indulge in some mild boasting and cheerleading.
The latter does not have means to inflict as much harm as western evil empires with their cheerleading media has.
In lieu of real change, the agency has apparently been trying to boost morale through some rather elaborate cheerleading.
The first film dealt with the selection and training of the famed pulchritudinous cheerleading lineup.
At one time, all three of those teams had official cheerleading squads.
For information on the cheerleading program click here.
It is pointed out that all pyramids and balances should meet the safety requirements of cheerleading and gymnastics organizations.
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