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Knockout color, simple bold shape, and stems as strong as a cheerleader's legs.
But of course you are a blind patriot who is a cheerleader for your country's criminal and genocidal policies.
Far be it from me to be the perky cheerleader who rallies the team during a less-than-stellar season.
But for a general election, a candidate must be more than a political cheerleader for a particular ideology.
Gage is neither a cheerleader for the industry nor an outspoken critic.
My goal is to encourage her to make art and all that, but my mom and dad were head cheerleader and captain of the football team.
We were joined at points by the radical cheerleader bloc.
He was a good student, active in student government, a cheerleader who was elected prom king.
Your job is to be a fall guy, but also a cheerleader and protector.
It is not teaching at college level, you have to be coach counselor cheerleader educator actor.
Some see him as a lightweight cheerleader, others as the last, best defender of quality journalism.
Greg shows his dad the photo he took of the cheerleader and they notice the controversial play in the background.
In high school, she was a wrestling cheerleader and played on the freshman volleyball team and the varsity tennis team.

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