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The day is dark and cloudy, but you feel full of festive cheer.
Bush drew a cheer from those who remembered him shouting through a bullhorn atop the smoldering rubble.
We cheer for our students who need encouragement and counsel those who have fallen off track.
So don't start eating sodium-filled frozen dinners to cheer yourself up.
Parents and grandparents of the fresh graduates cheer from the crowd.
There are plenty of reasons to withhold the final cheer.
Holiday lights in a store window struggle to bring cheer to the winter gloom.
Add a splash of cheer to your holiday decor with glistening red berries from the garden.
The crowd responded with a visceral sound that was part cheer and part terrified-scream.
These shifts all push government-bond yields up, but they are a cause for cheer rather than gloom.
As the huge banner billows in the wind, hundreds of watching villagers clap and cheer.
Investors may cheer because they pay less tax on buybacks.
But many environmentalists quietly cheer for the project's success.
Three cheers and one cheer more for all who participated in this effort.
But here is my second piece of advice: be of good cheer.
And some newly released data about earlier months give reasons to cheer too.
And all along the course, up to a million people cheer the drivers, ogle the cars and remember.
Kids ride bikes, hold car washes, and watch high school football-thankful there's still a school to cheer for.
Plunging bond yields are not grounds for great cheer.
It causes laughter and good cheer in this ancient charitable place.
There were both good and bad reasons for this paradoxical good cheer.
It will also cheer her up as you will have shown your thoughtfulness when you really don't have to and given her a little humor.
But it's a scene that made me want to stand up and cheer.
The reason, he says, is that the seasonal cheer encourages optimism and thus risk-taking.
Members devoted themselves to good food, good wine, good cheer.
When the ducks plop into the fountain, people cheer.
But when he returns to the subject of jobs, they cheer.
Our family and the neighbors gathered in the street to cheer and hug one another.
Sympathy and good cheer should be offered, as long as it is accompanied by direct advice to go to the counseling center.
The basketball fans cheer enthusiastically, causing the football fans to ridicule them.
The good news is that the weather has been improving, including some wonderful, cheer-inducing sunshine.
Of course, he can cheer on top of his lungs every game and buy team's paraphernalia but he can also be creative.
We decided to get her a puppy to cheer her and of course us up.
Either way, offer the relatives a cup of holiday cheer.
If you are depressed, the blue skies and the ocean breeze will cheer you up.
Indeed the collapse of oil prices, one of the few reasons around for economic cheer, may be setting the stage for another spike.
Even a relatively robust economy provides little cheer.
On a good day, when all is right with the world, they are one more cause for cheer.
Given airlines' condition earlier this year, this is some reason to cheer.
But for free-traders, that is cause for only the faintest cheer.
Despite the good cheer, there's a wistful undertone to the proceedings.
Now, suddenly, he was pumped up with helium cheer and unnerving confidence.
They go to a restaurant the next day to try to cheer her up.
Those who arrived on time-Spike included-did cheer, and quite loudly.
The film will not cheer you up, but there is no denying the expertise with which it invites you to join the club of the cheerless.
At the final whistle, the patrons offer up a rousing cheer, raise their drinks.
But in the meantime, raise a cheer for those flip-floppers who actually got stuff done.
Germans aren't allowed to cheer for their team in the way other peoples are.
We cheer on the good guy and boo when the bad guy gets a leg up.
All of the alien characters were done with actors, suits and animatronics, a fact that drew a cheer from the crowd.
Most of these actions were skillfully planned, carried through with the movement's blend of indignation and antic good cheer.
When they released him several hours later, there was a crowd to cheer him.
Other writers read the advance copies, joined the chorus of cheer-ing.
The ruling triggered a wholly predictable-but admirably spunky-outcry from the nation's cheer community.
It is depressing to see this many people wildly cheer such a line.
The notion that biological substances could arise from a purely natural process made scientists cheer and gave the clergy chills.
It's a clear cue for the audience to stand up and cheer.
She tried to cheer him up, but he resisted her efforts.
Dispensing good cheer, the bartender calls the shots.
Learn the basics of cheerleading and cheer on the team.
The launching of a barge usually brings a splash of cheer.
But the fact that that's the economic cheer of the day is a bit depressing.
Thousands of readers have written in to cheer or challenge our selections, and thousands more have voted for their own favorites.

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