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Example sentences for cheeked

The vision of a sunken-cheeked, tuberculosis-ridden pauper would always rise between me and the beauty of the sunset.
Murals in which he beams down at happy toilers and rosy-cheeked maidens seem to be at every crossroads and town square.
Two nicely plump, pink-cheeked maidens are arranged on the grey rocks behind the actor, manacled and in chains.
Ruddy-cheeked and plaid-clad, he could as easily be out here hunting chukar or mending downed fences.
They were cool even in summertime, and their red-cheeked salesgirls even wore sweaters under their white coats.
Everyone talks about the weather, but gray-cheeked mangabey monkeys actually do something about it, according to new research.
He bore little resemblance to the apple-cheeked dandy of his official portraits.
Ruby-cheeked locals brave the hostile climes with feather-filled parkas.
Word of warning to the paparazzi: taking photographs of the apple-cheeked beauty might cost you.
Her winningly chipmunk-cheeked smile is doled out sparingly, a privilege to be earned, rather than an icebreaker or an entreaty.
Climb up a ridge through the forest home of golden-cheeked warbler.
Yellow-cheeked voles are large, have yellow cheeks, and a dull brown body.
The effect of roadway traffic noise on territory selection by golden-cheeked warblers.
Golden-cheeked warblers nest in dense forests that can be destroyed by wildfire.

Famous quotes containing the word cheeked

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Colonel Shaw and his bell-cheeked Negro infantry on St. Gaudens shaking Civil War relief, propped by a plan... more
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