checkup in a sentence

Example sentences for checkup

Chime to the idea of getting another doc and a full checkup.
When they reach the island, the gorillas get a full checkup before their release.
Call in a qualified technician once a year to give the unit a checkup.
After a quick checkup, she returned to her normal life.
The disease was detected in a routine checkup five days earlier.
Someday your yearly checkup will show up in the mail as a syringe filled with smart serum.
It can read your vital signs, can tell you when it's time to have a checkup.
These blots usually indicate that a full physical checkup with a medical doctor may be wise.
Since these days no airplane can leave the ground without the direct permission of the military, the checkup is fairly easy.
Two months later he was back for his regular checkup.
Six weeks after the delivery, she came into the clinic for her postpartum checkup.
Your health care provider may identify an abnormal development during a regular checkup.
Failure to get the checkup usually voids the warranty.
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