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Example sentences for checks and balances

Consumers need to be protected by checks and balances which are being steadily eroded by political manipulation.
Daley has never shown much interest in the niceties of checks and balances.
Checks and balances are necessary, but they can cripple a nation or state if they become too overbearing.
He doesn't believe in a system of checks and balances.
They lack the built in checks and balances that restrain government action.
There needs to be a balance of power and they have clearly expressed the checks and balances of the country.
It explains, that there are checks and balances to ones existence as a living being.
Without serious checks and balances, the government wields organs of state as tools of political control.
Americans live in a democracy, cherish checks and balances, and remain skeptical of concentrated power.
How the right has gamed the system and outsmarted political checks and balances.
But so would the nation, for vigorous reporting is one of the checks and balances that keep us strong.
There doesn't seem to be any accountability, checks and balances or adverse consequences.
These branches serve as checks and balances for one another.
Explain how the process of checks and balances worked or did not work.
The vision of the founders was to set up a government that would remain small and unobtrusive via a system of checks and balances.
Tasks have built in checks and balances or are reviewed closely for accuracy and completeness.
Explain the checks and balances on each branch of government.
The checks and balances built by our forefathers enable our nation to settle its differences peaceably.

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Procrastination and impatience form a system of checks and balances.... more
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