checking account in a sentence

Example sentences for checking account

Fraudulent telemarketers have found yet another way to steal your money, this time from your checking account.
When does it come into play that the account holder should be responsible for overdrafts on their checking account.
It will transfer money from your savings to your checking account if you overdraw.
Service charges subject to tax are those which relate to a depositor's checking account.
Your checking account number is right after the routing number.
Defines proper venue for credit card and checking account fraud.
Changes are coming that will make it more important than ever to actively manage your checking account to avoid costly mistakes.
By enrolling in this new service, your bill will be paid automatically from your checking account after each billing period.
But these services cost a lot more than a checking account.
Currently, one checking account is used, for all our clients' funds.
It does appear that checking account maintenance fees do need to make a comeback.
Establish a checking account in the name of the committee or campaign.
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