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He tilts his head, left and right, checking where the shadows fall.
And checking a dictionary wouldn't necessarily set me straight.
The authorities had screened the families carefully, inspecting their apartments and checking for good credit histories.
LU is checking references but going straight to campus interviews for top references.
As to checking up on the claims, that's for the interviews and references.
For many on campus, checking e-mail on the go is the first killer app of the hand-held world.
Part of that process included spraying the building with fire hoses and checking for leaks.
As the previous poster mentioned, it's worth checking out house prices.
Needless to say, you'll pack these in your carry-on luggage, rather than checking them.
He doesn't do it all that often, but worth checking.
Biologists are checking to see if they have overlooked a second human organ too.
The observer could then confirm entanglement by checking to see that the photon was loyal to its partner.
My goal is to bookmark your site and keep checking get you started.
Simple basics that seem to be not there on fact checking.
Some are inherently self-checking, that is if there is something wrong they simply will not give an answer.
The problem is believing what they say without fact checking them.
Checking thoroughly my writing had no dangling bits.
Of course it is also an invaluable resource for research and fact checking.
Readers of her book should be warned not to accept its factual claims without checking their sources.
As the beetle moves on top of the dung ball, it is checking the position of the sun to help it navigate.
We'll add books to our library on a regular basis, so keep checking back.
Checking into a hotel or dining out often means meeting a local family.
Counting calories today is as easy as checking the label in a grocery store, or perusing the menu in a restaurant.
And a new study finds that hair salon workers are already in the habit of checking their customers for signs of skin cancer.
Rotten, inaccurate and biased reporting with no context and no fact checking.
Checking opinions of other people who tried specific products is also helpful.
Keep gas in your tank by checking the cap occasionally for cracks.
For common tasks, such as checking e-mail and shopping online, they are good enough.
They are flying from airport to airport, checking runways and monitoring airfields.
The system of checking for new diseases also needs to be improved.
But he made the mistake of checking his inbox before he left for his planned holiday.
The data aggregation is invisible to anyone checking listings.
Try checking the pocket of the jacket you were wearing yesterday.
Checking the net is fast and easy, video streaming is good and the desktop design is fine.
Blood glucose checking is one of the best tools for keeping diabetes in control.
Their suspicions aroused, they began checking into her background.
He did everything from rhino spotting to anti-poaching patrols to checking fences.
Free checking, a banking mainstay of the last decade, could soon go the way of free toasters for new account holders.
Checking the past payment history with the credit bureaus is a part of that.
In due course a composing-room hand, routinely checking all ads for typographical errors, came to this one.
Two weeks of fact-checking can get cut in half, and design and layout times may be curtailed from five weeks to five days.
That's what you are doing to your meat when you keep checking on it.
Walk the kids to school, checking tweets on the way back.
They scrupulously investigated his family, checking out cousins many times removed for political unreliability.
Consumers are paying higher service charges for checking accounts.
More people seem to be checking into hotels, but they're not checking out the spas.
Previously, the cost to those customers of checking two bags was included in the fare.
Consider setting up automatic bill payment from your checking or savings account.
Checking websites daily for new episodes would be tedious.

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