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Red vinyl booths and a checkered tile floor set the scene for after-hours celebrity shenanigans.
But a closer look reveals that their checkered history may be an advantage.
As we've seen, the history of drug development has been checkered at times.
Mike had dressed the gravel bar for us with a checkered tablecloth.
It's refreshing to see someone that knows the checkered past and doesn't try to hide from it.
As it happens, this is an interpretation of the facts with a checkered history behind it.
We could see the hill, which was checkered in the grid pattern of an archaeological dig.
They opened the door to a new room with a checkered tile floor eight squares wide by eight squares tall.
LG has had a checkered past when it comes to its tablet plans.
Geoengineering had a long history but a checkered reputation.
Earning the checkered flag demands speed and expert driving, but winning isn't everything.
Hypnosis, with its long and checkered history in medicine and entertainment, is receiving some new respect from neuroscientists.
The fifth commercial ended with the four drivers four wide on the banked track, headed for the checkered flag.
As a lawyer from a firm with a somewhat checkered past, she meets that prerequisite for political service.
The restaurant's interior features red and white checkered tablecloths, bright vinyl chairs, stone slab floors and track lighting.
More often, meals were shared at a long plank table using mix-matched chairs and covered with plain or checkered table cloths.
Proud and battered winner of demolition derby holding trophy and checkered flag standing next to severely damaged automobile.
The pattern and range of movement of a checkered beetle predators relative to its bark beetle prey.
Peregrine is much larger with a much bolder mustache mark and not so strongly checkered underwings.
The belly has a checkered pattern of dark squares on a light background, and the snake has an overall glossy appearance.

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The landscape was clothed in a mild and quiet light, in which the woods and fences checkered and partitione... more
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