checker in a sentence

Example sentences for checker

Thank goodness for the ticket checker, as he was able to open the door and direct me to the correct train track.
In the case of the spell-checker, it is pretty obvious.
Not only have you outsmarted me, but you've outsmarted my dictionary and my spell-checker too.
Well, it seems the fact checker was on a coffee break when this got written.
Fiction is one giant pseudo-statement, a fact-checker's nightmare.
Too bad for him that they hired a fact checker that called.
With one click, you can make the grammar checker stop forever-unless you invite it back in later, of course.
It is to be hoped that the publisher of the promised book on tenure will employ a rigorous fact-checker.
Our facilitators have a tremendous plagiarism checker that is used to check for that exact problem.
Yellow is used for trivial changes, fo the sort that students seem to do to foil plagiarism-checker software.
That's probably why your grammar checker is complaining.
If you find your grammar checker too constrictive, there are things you can do.
It's the kind of activity lineup that makes you forget you were a compulsive email-checker before you checked in.
The spell checker red flags the word exceptionalism.
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