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Example sentences for checkbook

Unlike balancing a checkbook, reconciling the greenhouse gas budget is extraordinarily complex.
She took out her checkbook and began to scribble a check.
Tim dug his checkbook from the desk drawer and wrote a hot check.
If he wants to give money to those less fortunate, he needs to use his checkbook, not mine.
Famous writers can get their friends to visit campus, but a nobody with a checkbook can bring in a laureate.
Then, when the cost is incurred, you can either transfer funds to pay for it or allow for it in your checkbook register.
While he is willing to whip out his checkbook, he wants the projects to be self-sustaining and ultimately profitable.
Take the checkbook and any other means to access the family money away from him asap and get him some professional help.
Brother needs a calculator to balance his checkbook and won't even consider doing his own taxes.
Both systems let you get up-to-the-minute bank balances, view historical information, and even reconcile your checkbook online.
Mark did not allow her to have her own checkbook or see the bills.
Find out about them, and above all get out your checkbook and use it wisely and generously.
If checkbook journalism ever had a leg to stand on, those interviews were that leg.
It may be a good day to balance the checkbook or re-examine your expenditures.
Work on the yard or get out the checkbook and balance it.
And as antiquated as it may sound, it means taking the time to balance your checkbook once a month.
But it's a little less important that you balance your checkbook every day.
Your checkbook is so unbalanced you're afraid to let it near the knife drawer.
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