check out in a sentence

Example sentences for check out

Check out highlights from the discussion in the embedded video.
To get a sense of his teaching style, check out a video he made about one of his anthropology courses.
Check out this site for more information about creating your box.
Apache pilots rerouted their flights over the bar so they could check out the stash.
If you don't know the city, check out this tilt-shift video.
Check out how many farmers have been put out of business because of them.
Check out how many people take an acid-reflex drugs.
And especially, check out depleted uranium munitions.
Curious visitors have already begun to flock to the area, eager to check out the affected area and see the ash for themselves.
For some lively discussion check out my political blog.
If you can't make it, check out the magazine's video tour.
Check out the medicines, fashionable jewelry and salesman samples.
So be sure to check out the cruise line profiles detailed in any good travel guide.
Check out the artifacts from real pirates and privateers of the high seas.
Check out their tweets, pictures, a map and more on their intern blog.
But for the widest selection, check out nursery seed racks or order from seed companies.
Or catch a street musician on your way to check out the whitewater action from a pedestrian bridge.
Check out these photos or this video to see how easy it is to pull out even the remains of a split cork.
She obviously did not check out his background and experience.
Check out the original hippie-digger poetry and manifestoes: euphoria, overflowing optimism, and expectation of immediate success.
Check out how she dresses at boring everyday events.
Please check out the great work that this company has been doing on harnessing the power from waves.
Oh yea, check out their web site contact information.
The software lets a shopper fill a shopping cart with goods from numerous online stores and check out in one step.
Check out the building facades based on traditional privacy screens and wind towers that cool outdoor plazas.
First, check out this plotting of the two largest independent dimensions of genetic variation.
He also has a gallery of his work online you should check out simply because it's fantastic.
In the meantime, check out some of the music from these trendsetting artists.

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If he had been sent to check out Bluebeard's castle, he would have come back with a glowing report about th... more
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