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Example sentences for check in

Little is known about what keeps lionfish in check in their home waters.
Check in at our favorite weekend hotels and you're instantly on vacation.
In order to get to check in, everyone has to go through a first layer of security, including checked bags.
When you check in you receive a full set of winter clothes.
The good bugs that help keep the bad bugs in check in a raw-milk cheese are destroyed by pasteurization.
Foursquare popularized the idea that people could check in with their phones to tell other people where they are.
Have your updater check in with the server at each launch.
Indeed, they could probably check in once in their room.
We got a check in the mail for an alleged overpayment from escrow.
After the second meeting, check in to make sure you have a happy client, then ask for referrals.
Check in with them about any bargains you find that seem too good to be true.
Many appeals take weeks, even months, so call often to check in on the status.
You're now able to check out where your friends are on a map, and check in at events.
Beginning barbecuers are often tempted to check in often on their meat, to make sure it's still there.
So be sure to check in before you head to the airport.
Checked baggage is luggage you check in at the ticket counter or curbside.

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But compared with the task of selecting a piece of French pastry held by an impatient waiter a move in chess is like rea... more
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