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So definitely check your receipts and make sure everything is correct before walking away.
Many studies show that users don't check for a lock, let alone inspect the details of a certificate.
The verbiage devoted to the denigration of spell check could fill a dictionary.
Check in at our favorite weekend hotels and you're instantly on vacation.
Also, check with local officials on property line setback requirements.
The alar ligaments limit rotation of the cranium and therefore receive the name of check ligaments.
And it is not to verse that this temporary check of ardor applies.
Check out photos of some of the world's biggest fish.
Other check-in apps have proved fertile ground for charitable partnerships.
Many check-cashing stores keep a percentage of the check, which tends to be higher.
So be sure to check in before you head to the airport.
He said that a quick check showed that nothing then on the market could do all that.
Check out their tweets, pictures, a map and more on their intern blog.
Professional parents shuttle their kids from choir practice to baseball camp and check that they are doing their homework.
Keeping your things in a carry-on will get you through security faster than trying to check a big suitcase.
From time to time, the outsider returns to check on how you are doing.
We went to libraries to check out how to solve problems that concerned us.
As might be imagined, this check-up is uncomfortable and costly.
Marine ecosystems depend on the presence of high-level predators to keep other species in check, he says.
Hospitals have been flooded with worried parents seeking check-ups for their children.
So is replicating negative results to check that they are, indeed, negative.
It is tricky to judge when this necessary check on undue caution turns into an incitement to recklessness.
And especially, check out depleted uranium munitions.
But if inflation is not kept in check, it can become embedded in people's expectations.
But then it's too late to repeat critical manipulations, to double-check something.
If you don't know the city, check out this tilt-shift video.
The stations also offer remote baggage check-in for air travelers.
Check for tweets that notify you of the daily lunchtime location, the time of arrival, and the panini selection of the day.
To see which ones are posted, check the table of contents.
They were destroyed, and two workers who had been sent underground to check for leaks were killed.
Many artists still look to majors for that one golden check.
Check books out of the library instead of buying them.
These buildings often have local legends attached to them, which stagehands regale the band with during sound check.
At one superb moment, he even has two phones on the go, in order to check a text while he talks.
White explains how a letter from the phone company about a bounced check made him write a lost-my-mind song.
When they were married he would check their bed for signs that someone else had been there with her.
It is important to check back to this page regularly.
We have therefore taken some time to treble check the facts concerned.
They don't find themselves with essentially no support once their trivial unemployment check has fallen off.
Check back to see all of the science stories that made it.
When you check in you receive a full set of winter clothes.
Even when diabetes is kept in check, sufferers must grapple with near-daily fluctuations of glucose levels in the blood.
Check out the building facades based on traditional privacy screens and wind towers that cool outdoor plazas.
Users simply move their phones over the check to receive virtual coupons and offers that they can redeem later.
Puzzled by this observation, he went on to check it elsewhere.
But when something goes awry, methylation can unleash a tumor by silencing a gene that normally keeps cell growth in check.
Also need to check out effect over long term on engine components.
Oh yea, check out their web site contact information.
Probably more useful for the same stuff you would check on your cell phone.
If he could convince you to pull over and get out of your car to check a tire, you'd become easy prey.
The bartender went over to the table to double-check.
And he was angered by the group's failure to check on his family while he was in prison.
And the cashier's check to cover the taxes and fees is included.
The user account can also be used to check the status of your return or refund and make electronic payments.
But then the clerk runs your check through a machine and hands the voided check back to you with your receipt.
Gone are the days when a cashier's check was as good as cash.
Electronic check conversion also may be used for checks you mail to pay for a purchase or to pay on an account.
If there are problems with your smog check, the steps tell you what to do.
Harness it by asking others to check your blind spots.

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