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With so much riding on the results of standardized testing, the state is about to adopt new measures to protect against cheating.
Academic cheating and dishonesty have long been a problem.
The students are sophisticated in music and were aware he was cheating them, and walked out without applause.
Somebody started cheating a little bit, and then it became more and more a part of the social norm.
Cheating is cheating, and its wrongness is not mitigated by how easy it might be.
Anyone that has taught undergrads knows how capable they are at cheating.
Also the gene-therapy viruses that might lend themselves to cheating don't work as easily as had been hoped.
What if an emerging economy was cheating and still using these banned substances.
Forensic economists comb through data to look for patterns of cheating that otherwise go unnoticed.
Another third were told the player next to them was caught on camera cheating.
The online auction house suspends a user accused of cheating its customers.
Yes, cheating is rampant, and for teachers the game of catch-up never stops.
In fact cheating strangers is often viewed as a sign of acute business skills.
In survival situations, there's no such thing as cheating.
They think this is really bad because it is cheating.
Some universities are using sophisticated techniques to deter students from cheating and to catch cheaters in the act.
Overnight his name had become an insult, a by-word for cheating.
Electronic cheating is all to real, has been done in the past, and will be done in the future unless this is addressed.
Theories vary about why more people appear to be cheating.
Cheating the standard protein tests is easy, but industry hesitates on alternatives.
The point here is that there was no punishment for cheating.
The task is thankless: anti-doping agencies thwart one cheating strategy, only for another to emerge.
In layman s terms, the manufacturer is miss something basic, is screwing-up if not deliberately cheating.
Someone is successfully cheating the system if the scientists report such a high illegal catch rate.
Unfortunately, when there are high stakes some will resort to cheating.
Historically, when income tax rates fall, so does tax cheating.
Amid all the frenzy about getting into college, one subject is often ignored: cheating.
We have entered a new realm, and if the definition of knowledge has changed, then so must the definition of cheating.
However, the new system could solve some old problems, by exposing cheating employers.
Some people argue that chemical cognition-enhancement is a form of cheating.
Cheating and a lack of respect for academic integrity are epidemic.
Cheating the government out of tax revenue was seen as an honorable activity.
Critics claim that online courses are inferior to traditional courses because they are supposedly more susceptible to cheating.

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