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My suggestion would be to go beyond walking around so that they feel that they cannot cheat.
It seems stunningly unfair now to cheat retirees and near-retirees out of benefits promised.
The participants were told that no one would know whether they pushed the space bar, but they were asked not to cheat.
The proliferation of mobile devices gives students more ways to cheat on tests.
It found that stressed students didn't generally cheat on tests, but sometimes took shortcuts in patient care.
The labels were obscured by socks pulled up to the rim of each can, so to cheat a volunteer had only to lower the sock.
In a strange but mutually beneficial bargain, punishing other cheaters earns punishers the right to cheat.
We must never excuse people who cheat the welfare system.
Exposing students who cheat to public scrutiny would undermine the university's mission, she said.
The second, and more important lesson, is that you can't cheat nature.
If someone cheats once, they are likely to cheat again.
Workers are still at the mercy of employers who can cheat them of their wages and dismiss them summarily.
The problem is that fears about food safety give trade protectionists a wonderful opportunity to cheat.
It doesn't allow the politicians to cheat as easily.
The size of the shadow economy depends on the incentives to cheat as well as the opportunities.
Forever best manipulating remedy to cheat the people and earn the money.
And without comprehensive checks on all its nuclear activities, it also felt free to cheat on regardless.
We have enough rich bankers trying to tax us and cheat us of the fruits of our labors.
But this is as illusory as any past empire imagining that it could cheat eternity.
It's not nearly as complex and there's less room to be able to cheat the system.
Players who try to cheat by asking members of staff for directions are penalised with misinformation.
If she isn't loyal to the dog, she's going to cheat on you with a meth-addict beggar.
The poor work ethic and inclination to cheat that students learn not from their peers, but at home.
The pact was supposed to be a powerful political symbol that euro-using countries would not cheat each other.
People cheat on taxes to provide a better life for their kids and they get jail time.
Animals have ambition of a leadership, but no greed they don't cheat.
In short, awareness of a ghost-a supernatural agent-made people less likely to cheat.
One study found that we're more willing to cheat, another that we're more likely to become slackers at work.
In one of the exercises, you're encouraged to argue with a bellhop who tries to cheat you out of your change.
When he was finally allowed to work at the pasta station in the evening, the writer found a cheat sheet taped to the wall.
Hugh took the opposite tack and blamed their apartment for making them cheat.
He who would cheat a peasant must take one with him.
When he came near them they soon discovered the cheat, and striding up to him pecked at him and plucked away his borrowed plumes.
But a day comes when he begins to care that he do not cheat his neighbor.
Do our politicians and establishments lie and cheat the common citizen.
The fact is that voice recognition has to cheat to be really accurate without extensive pretraining to your voice.
If they continue to cheat consequences will alter their behavior.
People who scored high on standard tests for creativity were also more likely to be willing to cheat for personal gain.
We think of perfume as lovely in moderation, but there is another way to think of perfume, as a way to cheat.
No one can prepare for them, nor is there any incentive to cheat.
They must show that they understand what rights are, and they must not cheat on the full implications of the doctrine.
Two psychologists argue that everyone's mind contains a liar, a cheat, and a sinner.
Here's a cheat sheet of some useful ones that we've compiled for you.
It might be about cheat-to-win extending beyond the field of play and into the courthouse.
Where there's a will to cheat, there forever will be a way.
Admittedly, this wine was a bit of a cheat on my part.
Students who cheat on tests are usually not yet in the position of being duty-bound to some discipline.
He laid blame on coaches who lie and cheat, and appear to care little about players.
He does not have the right to lie about, cheat, and steal from the private sector.
They would be loathe to tell you they cheat, and are a lot craftier in the way they parse words.
Some humans, too, try to cheat aging by starving themselves.
Sales turnover is rapid, which means a cheat cannot make much money before its rivals have a chance to retaliate.
It is easy to cheat: you can move your ball to a nicer lie when no one is watching.
Their research was to show that if there was an incentive, teachers would cheat on test results.
It really cheapens the game experience to allow people to cheat with money.
Some argue that the pardon of back taxes is unfair to law-abiding taxpayers and sends the message that it pays to cheat.
They knew that they would cheat the test, but not that they would cheat themselves.
The more important the science, the more important it is not to cheat people of those reasons for confidence in science.
It's an intriguing way of sneaking cheat notes into a proctored exam anyway.
Rather than taking strength in the fact that they outnumbered their foes, the monkeys realised that they could afford to cheat.
People lie, they cheat, they do all sorts of awful things.
Most people believe in fidelity, but a subset of these people cheat.
The question of whether or not social psychologists cheat is unimportant.
If some males start to cheat, females who are choosy will end up with no advantage over other females.
Here they kind of cheat, not including heat utilization into the product itself, leaving it for customer.
Instead, they play games and cheat at them in order to win.
If you lie and cheat, people won't trust you and good honest people won't want to be around you.
Winter wheat and cheat response to foliar nitrogen applications.
In a near majority of couples, one partner will cheat on the other at some point.
When the public sees his tax return they may be unable to understand its complexity and see him as a tax cheat.

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