chatty in a sentence

Example sentences for chatty

Some were mirthful and chatty, and some were serious and silent.
The diners in the private room next to ours, chatty all evening, grew quiet.
In place of two people who barely spoke upon arrival, there are now chatty, hand-holding honeymooners.
It's the former that both groups of electric fish have independently co-opted to produce their chatty currents.
Yesterday, two students came to my office and told me exactly what the chatty students are saying.
If you're chatty, the bills can get steep, while landlines are pretty much flat rate.
Even so, he was uncharacteristically chatty as he entered a conference room.
Her debut is an engaging tale of restless confusion, written in the chatty style that's ubiquitous in the modern memoir.
The plan was to chart a course between the spare and taut modern novel and the chatty and slack pre-modern one.
In fact, he's chatty and thoughtful, with the dulcet speaking voice and gentle mien of a divinity student.
Getting a chatty volunteer to call him earns you three.
Chatty beach is beautiful and no wonder visitors flock there.
There were no transitions and no chatty digressions.
As for the film itself, it's still chatty and teeth-chatteringly suspenseful.
It's more chatty than it is a formal memo of what happened on the trip, but people know.
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