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Example sentences for chastised

He was informed later that the students themselves chastised the chatters because they had caused the additional quiz.
Many letters chastised me for critiquing science in such a public venue.
Perhaps these posters have been chastised, by a self appointed moderator, for not searching on a topic before they posted.
Fly geneticists have been renowned-and chastised-for their fondness for quirky names.
In the process, the core beliefs of the group are re-enforced and those who question those beliefs are rapidly chastised.
It chastised governments for their inadequate response and their misguided obsession with austerity.
For this he was repeatedly chastised and sent to prison.
No matter that he is still chastised, as an aspiring national leader, for failing to resolve a manifest conflict of interests.
When his parliament chastised him and then voted to impeach.
We are chastised for being too involved, and then blamed for be too callous for not helping.
She stressed that she should not be chastised for reporting her tenant's actions, and asked for waiver of the charge.
Complaints were made to the principal and the teacher was chastised.
It also brought her into open conflict with party leaders, whom she chastised for not carrying reforms far enough.
Managers who do not perform adequately should be appropriately chastised.
And there was one truck driver that was severely chastised after that.

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