chastise in a sentence

Example sentences for chastise

Chastise him for implementing something other than what he indicated in his campaign.
Undiscerning, they chastise with scorpions the old authentic sins, but spare the new.
He hurries after the wrongdoer with lifted cane, in order to chastise him.
While a manager may swear and spit, kick dust all over umpires, rarely will they publicly chastise their ballplayers.
Because what happens so many times is that if you don't get that, everyone is going to chastise you.
Do not use the record to insult, chastise, or denigrate the patient.
The purpose of this notice is not to chastise any one defendant's counsel.
Their zeal and efficiency in aiding to chastise those.
If peers chastise them for wearing a safety belt, many teens will unbuckle it.
Not a lot of people know this but a lot of people chastise other people.

Famous quotes containing the word chastise

Then my verse I dishonour, my pictures despise, My person degrade & my temper chastise; And the pen is my t... more
I would gladly chastise those who represent things as different from what they are. Those who steal propert... more
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