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She keeps the little ones in line by chasing them, and they all run around squawking and flapping.
Besides, at the time there was also growing concern that showing a tiger chasing a deer might be a bad idea.
The frigate's crew had long experience chasing drug smugglers, so they knew what they were seeing.
Waldo in particular became a zealous guardian, chasing off curious locals who got wind of all the artifacts.
By day, it's great for people-watching and pigeon-chasing.
The county is consistently chasing after people's property under one excuse after another.
As they make those choices, many teenagers will be chasing an ideal-a shimmering vision of college-as-wonderland.
Do not be a speculator, chasing after the best-performer du jour.
What a weak argument with the monkey chasing its tail.
Normal citizens would be even more frazzled chasing jobs than they already are.
We're not journalists, and so this isn't really a blog dedicated to chasing the news.
Wherever you find too many applicants chasing too few jobs, you will find low pay.
Some were grooming the lawn, some were erect and looking around, some were chasing others.
And the image of me on a segway chasing around the beach going after balloons and moles is somewhat priceless.
For more than a generation, physicists have been chasing a will-o'-the-wisp called string theory.
If the definition of inflation is too many dollars chasing too few goods, the too many dollars aren't out there.
And that idea is: me chasing you with a big wooden mallet.
Afterwards, his translator informed him that the gunmen they'd met earlier were policemen chasing escaped criminals.
With hordes of financiers chasing a trickle of deals, interest-rate margins had tumbled to all-time lows.
The tigress climbed the tree to escape villagers chasing her.
Groups of the endangered chimpanzee subspecies were observed stalking, chasing, and killing monkeys they later consumed.
The elephants were in the process of chasing away all the wildlife in the area from the watering hole.
The bottom of each plastic water bottle should have a number inside chasing arrows.
The swashbuckling birds sometimes team up to overwhelm their victims, and they are relentless in chasing down their adversaries.
First he initiated contact with fellow orcas, locating and chasing them and being chased by them.
They are always on the go because their father is afraid that those chasing them will use his invention for evil purposes.
Cheetahs can change direction in midair when chasing prey.
Perhaps the bats are chasing water droplets and not insects.
Since the stuff always rolls that way, our kids should get used to chasing it.
Another reason that they are chasing rainbows with their theory is more lakes are now known.
Note the implication that scientists are a pack of grant-seeking idiots chasing after the latest fad theory.
Too many people chasing resources and fouling up the planet in the process.
The researchers discovered that farm pigs responded to a wall of dancing lights by chasing the spots of light with their snouts.
They might pick up a stack of them five or six times a year, rather than chasing issues every week.
Not only that, but the hours run in a small central circle, with the minutes chasing around the rim of the face.
They often ask the right questions, but they're chasing the wrong answers, often hypothetical or uneconomic solutions.
Since grade school many of them have been hitting the books, mastering skills, chasing down growth experiences.
But the suggestion is utterly without practicability, and those who advocate it are chasing a rainbow.
Each anticipated a boom, and set about chasing markets.
She knew she was going to be chasing that sound for a long time now.
The author is chasing a red hearing with the wish for more public charging stations.
Only later, in other words, could they start the shift from chasing individual fish to dining on clouds of prey.
Hundreds of scientists have been chasing this engram.
Or the animal may have fulfilled some digging or chasing role.
His two adorable little daughters are chasing each other around the premises.
It was a time when reporters were chasing shadows on a screen.
The dolphins and the seals are chasing them out to sea.
The three chasing arrows form a closed and continuing loop that means recycling works.
The police begin chasing a suspect on a public street.
As with any wild animal, if it feels threatened by someone coming toward it or chasing it, it may feel the need to protect itself.
When not chasing flies or basking in the sun, they are often seen doing what appears to be push-ups.

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