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In its first six years, its partner countries exceeded the growth rate set out in the original charter agreement.
He announced grant money for a new charter school and a fire house.
The bishops' task was to come up with a charter for the protection of children and to restore trust in their leadership.
Charter flights no longer bring tourists to gaze at the dunes.
But the new charter will weaken property rights, for example by allowing expropriations before rather than after a court ruling.
But it would take a significant amount of diplomatic effort to modify the charter.
But the commercial charter flights had started off well and were moving the troops on schedule.
It was the last in a convoy of charter buses, and none would leave until all the rest could follow, including this one.
Charter boats often specialize in specific types of fish depending on the season and location.
Take a guided fishing trip with charter boats to fish with experienced local guides.
Charter companies offer small group cruise excursions to the fjords.
Charter boats follow much the same pattern as charter flights.
Each charter has its own rates, different types of boats and equipment.
Chartered flights are similar to charter buses in that they are often reserved by groups for their express use.
While you are welcome to bring your own fishing gear, any charter will supply you with the basic equipment that you need.
He may use the craft for a new charter fishing business-if he sticks around.
It can be used as a charter vessel or a training ship for sailors, or for research expeditions such as this one.
Chapman is one of the charter participants in a new program to encourage sustainability in all aspects of higher education.
My kids were fortunate, they found themselves in an amazing charter school that fosters them creatively as well as intellectually.
Any fraternity chapter that does not understand this should have its charter lifted immediately.

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