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As deadly boring as these commencements can be, they can also be quite charming.
She is said to be a good manager, and charming with it.
It's charming to watch and so simply explained that you're almost fooled into thinking you knew this material already.
Scratches and pops, while charming to some, can be downright painful to a seasoned vinyl enthusiast.
Much of the opposition against affirmative action isn't about racism or stinginess, but about a charming belief in tests.
And in argument, as in chess, he would always show a charming acquiescence.
It is unpretentious and yet charming in its simplicity.
The resort was far too charming a place for such a senseless, smelly crime.
Charming appearance, proliferation of bloom, long season.
Brown helpfully produced this charming video about the arrangement.
But the results are so consistently charming that it would be churlish to criticise the formula.
The guide explores the province's magical landscapes of fragrant lavender, along with its charming villages and cities.
They are attractive, bodacious and charming filamentous gram-positive bacteria.
The town also offers charming boutiques, caf├ęs and restaurants.
And clips of our own charming family members are of course delightful to us and totally boring to everyone else.
One of the charming features of this recession has been the widespread use of furlough days as a temporary cost-savings measure.
There's a cluster of wooden houses and a central square with a charming church.
When you first meet dark energy, it seems so charming.
Come take a peek into some of the grueling, outrageous and ultimately charming hometown heroes of our favorite theatrical medium.
The twinkling of the stars is fine for nursery rhymes and poets but much less charming for astronomers.
It is a coastal town known for great seafood and charming festivals.
You'll find four more inventors and their nerdy, charming brainchildren after the jump.
Sometimes bad history's grinding axe drowns true accomplishment and objective judgement, however charming or witty it may be.
Messaging gives you a chance to be charming without the palpitations caused by face-to-face contact.
There are the usual charming street photos, some gorgeous birds, plenty of bugs on flowers.
Try to be charming and well-spoken and to survive to the next stage.
He was a middle aged college teacher, handsome, with a charming smile.
And you can always learn the charming habit of eating fried foods with your hands.
So if your dog's charming little habit is beginning to get out of control, consult a professional.
We started watched for the music but, her charming chats with the audience kept us laughing as well.
Quirky and charming brownstone with loads of period details and modern goodies.
One could interpret this as charming modesty, or false modesty, or whatever.
His visitors are struck by the fact that he seems well-balanced and normal, even charming.
Enjoy the charming simplicity of supernaturalism from a doomed world view, if you can.
Historic towns and villages offer charming amenities for locals and tourists alike.
It is ok if you don't look pretty, but knowledge and kindhearted will make you charming and attractive as well.
It was altogether charming, but the prettiest thing of all was a little maiden standing at the open door of the castle.
Never has there been such charming return to nature.
Glad to see some of that charming arrogant humor back on this blog.
In individuals cases, these effects may seem quirky or even charming but across populations, they can have a global power.
But face to face he is often charming, and he's becoming more comfortable onstage.
My sense is that it has a lot more to do with the ways that someone is naturally charming.
He is tough and charming, a persuader who knows how to listen, a provocateur who miraculously avoids making too many enemies.
Thank you for your charming telegram of good wishes on my birthday.
Out the window was the charming street, and beyond, the houses and gardens and distant neighborhoods.
The city declared the charming but architecturally undistinguished buildings historic landmarks, blocking demolition for a year.
There were a few chuckles along the way, and one genuinely funny and charming moment.
Both these accounts are to a certain extent charmed by, and charming about, their famous subjects.
They are bright, charming, look-you-in-the-eye-when-making-conversation kind of kids.
His drinking was not something to admire, and it was not a charming foible.
He was charming, he was funny, and he was genuinely interested in how bone marrow treatments were done.
Colloquialisms that would be charming once become grating and lazy when you meet them page after page.
He was neurotic, vindictive and insensitive as well as charming, charismatic and full of warmth.
His transformation to a charming yet crack-abusing character is marvelous.
Johnny had the sort of charming-seduction thing going.
He's charming and attentive, observant and clever without ever seeming to try.
The vast majority have carried their authority with honor and were charming and wonderful people.
It features a lodge and a number of lakeside cottages with fireplaces charming rustic decor.
The return is more pushy than charming, which is odd given the pedigree of its key collaborators.
Although you might meet up with charming people and have romantic moments, you won't be in charge this week.
Marvelously designed new playhouses in charming settings.
Larger groups may use the charming yard for overflow.
Visit our website for more information about these wonderful and charming creatures.
Charming century old, family owned farms exist adjacent to new developing suburban subdivisions on one-acre plus lots.
The result is a vibrant and charming downtown welcoming to visitors and residents alike.

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