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Example sentences for charmed

It was a turning point in the fortunes of a government that has lived a charmed life with the electorate up to now.
Her teachers were charmed by the quavers she put into her voice and her ability to walk with her feet together.
My observation is they have lived a charmed existence for far too long, and their bread should be off the menu.
No one could enter the charmed circle of his friendship without feeling the mastery of his personality.
Both these accounts are to a certain extent charmed by, and charming about, their famous subjects.
Most of them seem to be from successful professionals, but some are also written with a hint of the charmed career.
Observers were charmed or repelled, sometimes charmed and repelled.
Sooner or later, his would-be debater is charmed and silenced.
She showed up on time, knew her harmony parts and charmed audiences with her smile and beauty.
He had already charmed the staff and many of the residents.
Those were the charmed substances that some years ago were felt to contain life-preserving properties.
No doubly charmed baryons have been observed to date, but they are needed to complete the spectrum of charmed baryons.
He has charmed children and adults with his witty, musical poems for nearly four decades.
Visitors are charmed by the bas-relief sculptures on the building's facade.
Snakes charmed birds with their evil unwinking eyes and their forked tongues were venomous.
No one from outside their charmed circle need apply.

Famous quotes containing the word charmed

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We have bathed, where none have seen us, In the lake and in the fountain, Underneath the charmed statue Of ... more
I have very lately read the Prince of Abyssinia [Samuel Johnson's Rasselas]MI am almost equally charmed and... more
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