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Jobs has not used his prominence to promote charitable giving.
Church groups will aggregate demand to influence charitable giving.
But by global standards, its charitable giving is miserly.
Most of them really can't afford to be engaged in academic charitable giving.
Please tell us your best charitable giving ideas for the season.
Thus the warm glow that accompanies charitable giving has a physiological basis.
Clearly, the world of food-related charitable giving is much broader than in decades past.
Increased charitable giving and two more dependents explains some of it, but not much.
In the midst of the financial crisis, he said he regretted his shrunken salary because it put a crimp on his charitable giving.
Charitable giving is down this year while demand is up.
But research suggests that charitable giving is not necessarily keeping pace.
These groups of farmers and craftsmen operated as charitable organizations or militias to protect their villages.
Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.
Charitable organizations say that hiring online specialists to handle their fundraising efforts is money well spent.
Private donations account for only about a tenth of charitable spending.
Some of the tree sitters use the event's popularity to advance their charitable causes.
The charitable explanation is that these are natural teething pains.
The director said he figured a priest wouldn't mind spending eternity in a casket used for such a charitable reason.
The survey asks in part about charitable behavior, including donations, volunteering habits and taking time to help strangers.
Our company works with many charitable organizations going through budget shortfalls.
Today, the choirs function primarily as cultural societies and are devoted to charitable causes and education.
But the charitable organization's donor base has retrenched in the wake of the financial crisis.
To think, these charitable types will literally then sit up on high and come up with niche solutions.
For centuries education has been considered a charitable activity, with no questions asked.
It causes laughter and good cheer in this ancient charitable place.
Once the money is gone, donors do not personally bear direct costs from bad charitable decisions.
If a college isn't out soliciting donors, another organization will get their charitable contributions.
If anything, his charitable activities should have been used to increase his sentence, not decrease it.
With the phone-in votes each campaign could turn a profit and the proceeds used for charitable purposes.
The prime minister recently spoke warmly of charitable and voluntary bodies innovating public services in their communities.
Receiving a charitable contribution in order to attend a fund-raiser.
That's why they spread their money in advertising, lobbying, along with charitable donations to think-tanks.
My voting record and charitable contributions support these beliefs.
Some members of our community have now backed him with charitable funding.
In the same spirit, other tycoons will pick grand charitable goals to tackle.
Even charitable microcredit, however, is less fashionable than it was.
Most adoption agencies are non-profit outfits that see their work as entirely charitable.
Some use the profits from their main business to cross-subsidise their charitable work.
Environmental issues are not a charitable adjunct to normal day-to-day business.
The trust is funded entirely by its founder members, charitable donations and conservation grants.
To be more charitable, part of the problem might be that he has written so much-it's the price of being prolific.
Obviously, this is not the best time in the world to be raising charitable funds for any cause.
There are many charitable, non-profit organizations that may or will be providing aid and relief.
To call it a misrepresentation or even a quote mine is being charitable.
It's possible to be too selfless and charitable in retirement if it means putting your own financial security at risk.
He was active in many charitable causes in the community.
Other check-in apps have proved fertile ground for charitable partnerships.
The anchors and the coffee company may team up on charitable initiatives.
Their desire to be needed and loved leads some of them to make large charitable donations.
Americans expect retail companies to support charitable causes, trend trackers say.
Drawing national attention to my art and charitable projects, however, has its advantages.
But even a fuel-economy zealot would have trouble being charitable.
The quality of their writing is, to be charitable, mixed.
On the charitable interpretation, they err on the side of caution, wary of confusing the inexpert reader.
But far from charitable status keeping fees down, some think it is one reason they have soared.
Some people buy tickets conscious of a charitable purpose.
For many decades, universities acted as though they had a public, charitable mission.
It took her two years and the help of some charitable lawyers to beat them off.
Through her charitable efforts, people are seeing her in a larger context.
Instead he said it was not starting his charitable foundation earlier.
The charitable organization education account is created in the state treasury.
Most charitable organizations are legitimate and use donations wisely.
How to check whether an organization can receive deductible charitable contributions.
Regulates state charitable gaming laws and regulations through public education, inspections, and licensing.
Hospitals and licensed nursing homes which are nonprofit and charitable.
However, be sure that your charitable contribution is used for the purpose you intended.
Frequently asked questions regarding to charitable trusts.

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For my name and memory I leave to men's charitable speeches, and to foreign nations and the next ages.... more
For my name and memory I leave it to men's charitable speeches, and to foreign nations, and the next ages.... more
Against the charitable gesture there is no defence.... more
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