charcuterie in a sentence

Example sentences for charcuterie

It saddens my heart to know that the arts of butchery and charcuterie are dwindling away.
Best known for seafood, but when charcuterie is available, grab it.
Anybody with a pile of charcuterie books can make pâté, but using up hearts and skin takes creativity-and stealth.
It's famous today for its superb charcuterie and its winery.
The emphasis instead is put squarely on the food, with handmade terrines, sausages and charcuterie.
In the afternoons, the breakfast pantry becomes a cheese and charcuterie station.
Start by using it with a pork roast, on a charcuterie plate, or on ham sandwiches and you'll be off to the races.
There are also oysters in season and delicious plates of charcuterie.
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