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Maybe you should mix in some actuated charcoal to absorb a tiny bit of the smell.
Put several pieces of activated charcoal on a paper towel and set it in the middle of the room.
In addition, commercial charcoal makers also harvest oak trees.
The block is so arranged that it smoulders slowly and is not finally reduced to charcoal till the expiry of a year.
The lady was sketching in charcoal the head of her future husband, although she wore no widow's veil.
With charcoal gray cloth and stamped red leaf accents, it's a stunner.
Nearby, a charcoal-fired wok sizzles, spewing spicy smoke into the hot breeze.
The trees used-up for charcoal and concrete and steel imported.
The explosive he described was composed of six parts of saltpetre to five parts of charcoal and five parts of sulphur.
Charcoal burning is forbidden for the sake of the environment.
Rubber-tappers, loggers, miners and charcoal-burners came too.
There won't be a single collar-and-tie in a sea of charcoal roll-neck sweaters.
The plasma is then pushed through a charcoal column to extract the toxic chemicals.
The researchers did radiocarbon dating on five charcoal samples from deposits found in three layers of the site.
Picnic tables and sheltered charcoal grills are located outside each cabin.
The glossy argyle of bronze and charcoal lies unscathed.
Now the dreams are of a wilder hue: charcoal-gray peaks, white-water kayak runs, and the wildflower-strewed paths of history.
Place the tube in the pile of firewood or charcoal, and light it.
The faint scent of charcoal from last night's hearth rides on the air.
Instead of coals, you use wood and fire it up and burn it down to charcoal before cooking.
For example, local game scout teams are protecting wildlife habitat by stopping the cutting of trees for charcoal production.
The charcoal worked wonders on the aging process of his whiskey, and bourbon was born-to the delight of generations that followed.
As the sun set the palette of colors shifted to a cool series of charcoal and blues.
Some scientists on these digs removed artifacts, such as pottery, but threw away charcoal and animal bones.
But war, poaching, and the charcoal trade is threatening their existence.
For instance, wheat grains and pieces of charcoal are often used to date pottery shards found in the same spot.
The crisp joy in a charcoal tailored wool jacket fits together with the same satisfaction of a well-structured rocket engine.
They farm the land, growing subsistence crops, and collect charcoal remains from the fire pits of their neighbors.
Instead of charcoal, their grill had little lava rocks on the bottom.
Sometimes he paints himself with charcoal until the rain comes to wash away his blackness.
For weeks, the sky had been a chalky gray that darkened to charcoal in the afternoon.
Thais occasionally come too, making the short trip from their border to see the charcoal and ash.
Get a feel for how long it takes for the charcoal to settle into a cooking bed, and how much heat it will throw off.
In the sun its rocks become charcoal-colored briquettes in a hibachi.
If the hawker sold a grilled or hot dish, one of the boxes sometimes bore a heavy charcoal stove.
Color is another: paddy rice is charcoal-gray, true wild rice a mottled beige-brown.
Handpicked loose teas and a sampling of house-made green-tea granola are brought out in charcoal-colored porcelain.
She was dressed in a charcoal-gray suit, with a single strand of pearls and a gold pin.
Another team built a charcoal extruder that creates charcoal briquettes from empty sugar cane stalks.
Prehistoric people first made patterns and images by rubbing chunks of charcoal and iron oxide onto cave walls.
The process involves heating a block of wood until turns into charcoal, then spraying it with calcium.
For some protection they smeared themselves with a mixture of animal fat, charcoal, and ocher.
The surface looks bright, but the dust is charcoal gray.
Humans have shown a propensity for finding ever denser sources of energy, from wood to charcoal to coal to oil to uranium.
It was a summer in which only have-nots wanted a cigarette or a vodka-and-tonic or a charcoal-broiled steak.
Aside from a charcoal or gas grill, no fancy equipment is required.
He learned to bank his pits, to stack them with charcoal and hickory so that the temperature held steady through the night.
Overhead the plumes merge to form a charcoal cloud that blocks out the sun.
Pride, as much as wares, is on exhibit by every hawker and charcoal griller under the market's sweep of corrugated tin.
Check fireplaces before you use them to make sure the flue is unobstructed, and don't use charcoal burners indoors.
Keep the bottom of your fireplace or charcoal grill from becoming encrusted with soot.

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