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Again, it's this type of characterization that has led to legislation to ban certain dogs.
The lampooning seems rather reckless today and the characterization overbroad.
Needless to say, the authors of these books--accomplished theoretical physicists, all three--don't buy this characterization.
Those measurements help with diagnosis, research, characterization and planning treatment of eye health issues.
Despite the intended mis-characterization, the same is true of today's scientists.
The company has also been performing additional product characterization and conducting further animal studies.
Your characterization that all reputable studies say biofuels are to blame is not even close to accurate.
Its lab allows characterization of materials and composites on the nano scale.
Visibility in response is an interesting characterization.
For anyone remotely familiar with these industry leaders, such a characterization is nothing short of ridiculous.
It was applauded for its construction, fast tempo, characterization and economy of language.
Faithful characterization and a sustained realistic style might have turned this indigenous story into a fine and affecting film.
It is, indeed, as thorough a characterization as has been seen on the screen.
Additionally, placing these characters in a specific spatial context revealed important details related to their characterization.
Isolation and partial characterization of chromium complex from alfalfa.
The characterization of today's higher education non-profit sector is a bit old.
Facts, especially generally accepted facts, are neither a characterization of the world nor the purpose of education.
Perhaps have a talk with the student and tell her that her characterization of the other student was inappropriate.
It's an accurate, if somewhat disheartening, characterization of his term up to this point.
The characterization of the stress conditions is where uncertainty lies.
The whole fat-exec-who-doesn't-deserve-to-be-there characterization is way off-base.
It has not, however, cracked the challenge of characterization.
One characterization might disinterestedly be ventured.
The humorous characterization is joyously exaggerated into caricature,--the serious characterization into romantic unreality.
Nonetheless, their overall characterization of the economy remains resonant.
My only quibble is your characterization of the move in interest rates as an uptick.
Beck also did a dramatic reading of my post, taking solemn, indignant umbrage at my characterization of his panel.
And yet there's the feeling that he's actually quite a bit cleverer than that characterization allows.
But its a truly kind, hilarious and hopeful characterization.
Plus, he had many characterization problems of his own, so he was secular in his relations.
Human social complexity's raw variety defies broadness of characterization with any economy.
Motivated cognition is best understood as a description or characterization of a process and not an explanation in and of itself.
In such a system your characterization simply can't apply.
Bridge enthusiasts would further disagree with the characterization of the card game as a nonphysical activity.
None of this adds up to a meaningful characterization of the author.
And over the past decade or so, too many multi-camera comedies have trafficked in predictable writing and lazy characterization.
Likewise, in another drawing of the subject, the characterization of the figures is complex and contradictory.
No shortage of plot here, or of attempts at characterization, though these are sometimes sketchy.
No single, overall characterization as to style and subject matter seemed possible.
Between these two, her genuine talent for characterization is diminished.

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