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Then use them in recipes that emphasize their best characteristics.
Biga, is a yeast-based starter, gives the loaf characteristics of bread made with a sourdough starter.
Find out which characteristics shine on their own and which make good blending ingredients.
See animals up close and gain a better understanding of their habitat, size and adaptive characteristics.
These are precisely the same characteristics that sound so wrong in old time music.
But it's comforting to know that the big cats share some of the house cats' cuddlier characteristics.
Of all its distinctive characteristics none is more familiar than the po-ta-to, po-ta-to, po-ta-to sound of the idling engine.
Finally, up to two years after the initial mating, disease resistance and other characteristics can be evaluated.
It was interesting how you tied the characteristics of a small town to the dysfunction of your family.
As if their compelling native characteristics had been replaced by ersatz versions.
The letter gives examples of bullying, clarifies its characteristics, and advises how to avoid it proactively.
The authors also looked at what characteristics influence a college's cohort default rate.
Many of them are characteristics that you can not directly inquire of prospective candidates.
In fact, let's initially expose these similarities, characteristics typically found among development folk.
Some evaluation of difficult to quantify personal characteristics in principle makes some sense.
But one of its characteristics seems to be an impatience of restraint.
Their center of interest is in a strange human being of unexpected characteristics.
We were at the time occupied in determining the feminine characteristics of his nature.
In our eyes the characteristics of each of the two systems were betrayed by this difference in their functioning.
It is essaying to study localisms before having first platted the characteristics of the general speech.
The transcript below begins with a condensed version of his description of those three characteristics.
If you know these characteristics, then you can quickly toss them into prime or subprime buckets.
Instead, the rule focuses on the intent of the investment rather than its risk characteristics.
Floor plan and location are probably key characteristics in that determination.
Pandora creates radio based on artists and uses an algorithm to find songs that share the characteristics of those artists' music.
The results are a combination of the pilots' handling of the approach and the control characteristics of the various airplanes.
Its defining characteristics were financial high jinks and low academic performance.
It could be that the study participants shared some other characteristics that explain their heart and brain health.
In decades to come it will be nearly impossible for humanity to maintain the pre-modern characteristics of natural areas.
Everybody brings unique strengths, weaknesses, and personality characteristics to a job.
The patients were matched to control for characteristics, such as age or obesity, that might influence their recovery.
Groups of more than one were now united not by a common history but by common characteristics.
Writer examines the outstanding characteristics of the thinking activity.
Her various servants and their characteristics are described.
It should raise questions when an enormous, complicated realm of life takes on the characteristics of a stock drama.
Then there are your own characteristics-for example, your drinking pattern.
Its strengths and weakness across these distinct characteristics vary.
Complicating matters, scientists disagreed about probable surface characteristics, including the depth of the dust layer.
The obverse of these desirable characteristics looks less appealing.
Each market segment represents a group of potential customers with common characteristics.
The kingdom has many of the characteristics that have fuelled unrest elsewhere, including an army of disillusioned youths.
Ghetto can be applied to pretty much any area where there is a population with distinct characteristics.
Although there are many differences between them, these nations also have certain characteristics in common.
Yet in spite of all this, rather little has been done to find out if such characteristics exist in wild animals.
Several characteristics lift his novel above the average.
By definition, personalised medicine includes the study of genetic mutations and other personal characteristics.
The characteristics of information-be it software, text or even biotech research-make it an economically obvious thing to share.
Business gurus put a lot of effort into identifying desirable characteristics.
But it also has extraordinary handling characteristics, especially round tight corners.
Beliefs about the characteristics of those in poverty have also changed.
Characteristics of this type of climate include miniscule seasonal variations and a high relative humidity.
It identifies the specific characteristics potential customers have in common.
It's waters are warm, calm and clear, all characteristics of a prime snorkeling destination.
Usually this is done in training aircraft, which have relatively tranquil stall characteristics.
Students learn about and brainstorm natural and cultural characteristics of places.
Standing together near that location, have the students describe the terrain and the other characteristics of their city.
In this lesson, students will identify characteristics of the physical geography of each continent of the world.
In this lesson, students will learn about the characteristics of prairie habitats.
Notice how something with unique characteristics can be grouped into its own category.
Ask students to identify natural processes that could form or alter the physical characteristics of a place.
After you have finished reading the story, have students list the characteristics of river life.
Ask them what characteristics animals have developed to maximize their potential to successfully compete in an ecosystem.
Scientists have devised a way to measure the health of coral reefs through aerial surveys that record color characteristics.
Help students fill in the chart with some of the characteristics of wolves and these two dog breeds.
There are plenty of ways to go wrong matching the respective characteristics of wine, food, and film.
There was a bending of the rod, followed by a slight tug, characteristics shared with the snaring of any other sea creature.
It turns out that those two characteristics-big and round-are related.
Plankton are sensitive to climate change, for example, and can act as indicators of the water's physical characteristics.
It's an inference from the characteristics of this cloud of ice grains that is now being seen by the cameras.
Brains derive awesome problem-solving abilities from two characteristics of their individual cells.
The males took on feminine characteristics, loosing their masculine facial bumps and growing yolk protein.
So any solution would have to have three key characteristics to be viable.
Medullary bones have characteristics not shared by other bone types.
It is that information, in the form of inheritable characteristics, that gives life continuity.
Evolutionary biology holds that in any given population, extreme characteristics tend to fall away in favor of average ones.
It has all the characteristics of modern flyers including light, hollow bones and strong, sturdy wings.
Both characteristics suggest an extraterrestrial origin, because biological sugars tend to be larger and of particular shapes.
Characteristics of the braincase and middle ear bones were particularly revealing.
Different energy levels have different number of photons with peculiar characteristics.
Once approved, the treatment could then be given only to people with the same characteristics.
Isotopes with the appropriate chemical and radiological characteristics could be incorporated into new cancer treatments.
Human minds effortlessly extract key characteristics common to groups of objects, he says, such as the redness of apples.
And two or more polymers can be combined to produce an alloy, or blend, that displays characteristics of each component.
These constraints place limits on such characteristics as where the file can appear and how it is named.
Then the material's electrical characteristics had to be measured using a number of techniques.
The identifying characteristics are different, however.
These directions determine the organism's characteristics.
The sample came from a formation with similar geologic characteristics over a large area, not a small anomalous region.
Then it notes common characteristics of these photos.
Currently, data is encoded as the frequency and phase characteristics of a beam of light.
Hybrid engines possess the best characteristics of both.
Companies find it a lot easier to promote their product to segments that have similar demographic characteristics.
These turbines used synchronous generators for full control of the load and power characteristics.
Traditionally, embryologists look for certain characteristics in a healthy embryo.
We all know that focusing on the characteristics of a group can obscure the differences between the individuals in it.
Tumor tissue has unique characteristics, including lower oxygen and higher lactic acid concentrations than surrounding tissue.
These characteristics make thin-film batteries ideal for some new technologies.
We are talking about a luxury sports car, with real driving characteristics, not a golf cart.
Two important characteristics give the membrane its exceptional oil-absorbing and water-repelling properties.
In some products, such distinctive characteristics serve mainly to aid brand recognition.
In response to signals from a utility or a home, they can change the voltage and other characteristics of the power they produce.
Many characteristics that humans and other animals possess aren't particularly helpful.
War driving refers to the practice driving around while noting the characteristics of wireless networks in different places.
And one of the crucial design characteristics was to simplify software while putting it up close to the user.
Some railroads, however, are experimenting with computers that can learn a train's characteristics as fast as an engineer can.
Calm, relaxed, and lovable are the characteristics of blue.
Countries seem to play with their national characteristics.
First, there is variation in some characteristics among individuals in a population.
But fascist art has characteristics which show it to be, in part, a special variant of totalitarian art.
But take the time, and individual characteristics become apparent.

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