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Their essential feature is that they share one characteristic with private property and one with public goods.
Contagious laughter is a distinguishing characteristic of childhood.
Risotto's characteristic creaminess and chewiness come from the rice itself, and risotto rice is no ordinary rice.
Mice respond to this discomfort with characteristic stretching movements.
Neither proteins nor sugars have a characteristic smell of their own.
The defining characteristic is pervasive instability in the patient's life, especially in relationships.
And that-the inheritance of an acquired characteristic-is quite startling.
Its outer layer is parchmentlike, which is characteristic of the ova of modern egg-burying reptiles such as turtles.
But acquiring a language is surely a skill, rather than a characteristic of the sort developmental psychologists hunt for.
Illness and old age both bring characteristic odours of their own, and neither state makes people more attractive.
The system can even be programmed to detect the characteristic behaviour of shoplifters.
To oversimplify again: the characteristic political demand of the poor is for transfers.
None of them is specially characteristic or adds anything of great intrinsic value.
The political and journalistic situation made the administration organ one of the characteristic features of the period.
While smaller hotels and inns can be found, there are few large resorts characteristic of beachfront areas.
Whimsical and accessible, the writer-illustrator team presents complex ideas with their characteristic verve.
The new university's other defining characteristic is a focus on applied research.
Once upon a time the characteristic foot disorder of the well-to-do was gout, induced by an excess of rich foods.
But that characteristic is not particularly distinctive.
If so, it is distinctly possible that the violence characteristic of this culture is also spreading beyond its confines.
The risk with any hazelnut is a kind of dead woody flavor along with the characteristic one.
The primary characteristic of unethical games is that they are manipulative, misleading, or both.
Gottschalk's candor is undoubtedly the characteristic that has separated him from his former employer.
Let's consider all of these points, except for the last one, because it's more an outcome than a characteristic.
Almost by default language became the defining characteristic of nationality.
One characteristic of this syndrome is the presence of mucosal neuromas--little bumps on the lips.
Apart from these characteristic stigmata, his statement is unexceptionable.
They visualize a satellite whose characteristic spinning and tumbling can be reduced to zero by a system of control jets.
But anti-Semitism wasn't, as some critics would have it, his defining characteristic.
Its defining characteristic is instability, with high turnover and a large proportion of part-time or seasonal work.
In fact, a lack of spin is about the only identifying characteristic of the pitch.
Its defining characteristic is an aversion to cliché.
Also characteristic is the way the regime has acted on it.
The well-judged dialogue, at once terse and trenchant, finds its own characteristic poetry.
The progenitor cells then multiplied and grew the long branches characteristic of neurons.
The ultraviolet light strikes the cell's phosphor lining, stimulating it to glow brightly in its characteristic color.
When this radiation hits nearby gas clouds, it ionises them causing them to emit a characteristic light of their own.
All neurons have certain characteristic attributes: axons, synapses, and the ability to produce electric signals.
The characteristic may even be a function of domestication.
But another essential human characteristic was still missing in these people.
Hurricanes, tsunamis, and tornadoes also generate their own characteristic low-frequency noise.
Few other animals are known to show that characteristic, none of them invertebrates.
But it was introduced with characteristic ham-handedness, with virtually no consultation with political leaders.
His eyes scanned the living quarters, recording the changes with his characteristic blend of calculation and resentment.
And he is still able to manage his consummate, his characteristic, trick-which is to glamorize self-pity.
It is characteristic of writers of political diatribe that they do not read with any care.
Good players have higher characteristic probabilities, hence longer streaks.
The main characteristic of any event is that it has not been foreseen.
Renouncing modernity, they take up some characteristic expressions of modernity.
It is characteristic of a campaign that appears to seek a simple aspirational solution to a complex and variegated problem.
It is perhaps a characteristic of superpowers that they think they make history.

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